It's the overall package not compromises that should matter the most.

It's the overall package not compromises that should matter the most.

Compromises are always there. Nothing ever is perfect in life. If the compromise is too much for you then just don't do it. If the overall package, even with the compromise, is still better than anything else out there then it's foolish to drill on the 10% empty glass and forget about what 90% in the glass is.

My ideal car has always been 2 door sports car. The Model S is 2 doors and 3 seats too many, 20 inches too long and 1500lb too heavy but I have no choice because this is the only one I could get. You know what? I eneded up like it much better than anything I ever had, including the Porsche I still own and don't drive anymore. If anyone told me two years ago that I'd give up my sports car to drive a 4dr sedan I'd say nuts. That compromise I made gave me something very enjoyable even though I still want a 2 dr sports car from Tesla. I will just wait for that to come.

So it's your choice. To compomise some and enjoy or continue to suffer for something you're not going to get. Fine if you choose to continue to suffer but please get out of here to suffer alone and leave us to enjoy the rare experience we have waited for a long time to get. We hear you and Tesla has heard you too. Nothing you or anyone can say anymore.

If anyone wants to continue to be here for the purpose of bashing Tesla or to make others to suffer with you I say to you just bring it on.

Tâm | 9 octobre 2015


There's a headline that you can read.

It's quite interesting that you "heard" and still can't resist clicking to hear more.

It is voluntary: You are not required to click on threads that you do not want to hear!

Tâm | 9 octobre 2015


I do thank you for the powerful testimony of how Tesla changed you for the better.

carlk | 9 octobre 2015

@Tam Thank you for taking it gracefully. Take what you can get and make the best of it is the only way that you, and people surround you, can be kept happy all the time. At least that's how I would do it.

davediep | 9 octobre 2015


I am 100% with you and thank you for sharing your Tesla experience. Life is just too short. Be happy and move on. That is how I would do it, too!

NumberOne | 9 octobre 2015

@carlk Well said. Thanks for your post. | 9 octobre 2015

@carlk: good point but it's a little difficult to get one's arms around the X right now. We still don't know exactly what it's features are, what it does, and what it costs, although we have a much better idea post-launch.

Ankit Mishra | 9 octobre 2015

What features are yet to be known? Dimensions? Battery pack no? I think almost all have been revealed.

Pungoteague_Dave | 10 octobre 2015

If you don't state the obvious deficiencies and flaws, and repeatedly, they may miss the importance and universality of the message and therefore fail completely. Tesla needs to wake up, hear the customer, and get kicking on fixes. Elon is the first person to request criticism.

3,500 pounds towing? Really? 13-17 seconds for passenger doors to open? Really? Shorter package area than in the S? Really? No version under $100K for at least a year? Really? Still claiming it's an SUV when it can't meet any standard SUV or even minivan standards? And then saying it is because they are visionary and seeing what we stupid mortals don't? Please. I want Tesla to succeed as much as the next person. I have put my money where my mouth us with their products, and have sold many cars for them, no silly inducement required. But I ain't gonna be silenced by Mr. 21" Wheels Are Always Better carlk!

Methinks that Ankit and carlk are more worried about the short term performance of their stock portfolios than the long term success of Tesla. Tesla needs to wake the hell up, get its act together, consult few customers, and shift course quickly, before the peasants begin to see the real emperor's vestments! There's a reason the the shares are tanking, and it isn't a few analysts with cold feet - it is Model X orders evaporating right and left, and pissed off P85D owners who were told a year ago that AP was in final testing for January delivery.

Ankit Mishra | 10 octobre 2015

I don't have Tesla stock nor I have Tesla car. I even don't live in USA.
About your points, 3500 lbs is with 22 inch tyres. You get 5000 lbs with 20 inch tyres. Please explain why you are repeating again and again that Falcon doors taken 13 seconds to open. I have seen in videos it takes only 6 seconds. We have difference of opinion about heavy cargo hauling importance. I say the car has enough capacity for an average customer even if seats don't fold. It's a premium SUV and its not necessary to have a version under $100000. They will have it later. If anyone wants it now when its a highly desirable product, pay the premium. Please don't link stock price fluctuation with long term success if Tesla. The stock tanked to $180 and people were giving targets of 75$ and these naysayers burned their fingers due to their shortsightedness. (my opinion, no intention to influence or convert you to my school of thought)

AlMc | 10 octobre 2015

@CarlK: I am happy for you that either there are few or no compromises that are 'deal breakers' in getting an X. Compromises I was willing to live with: James Chen indicating 10K towing ability and compromising to 5K ( 2.7 K less than the RR it is to replace ); Falcon doors that for my wife are a bit to ostentatious
and slow opening/closing for her (traditional doors much preferred). The compromise many, including me, was the deal breaker was the non folding seats cutting down the utility of this SUV/CUV considerably. Beating dead horse: At no time up to the actual opening of the design studio for Sigs was any communication received that the folding seats that were shown with the prototype
would not even be an option at launch.

As a stockholder I am very happy that there are people that the X works for right out of the gate to recoup some of the R and D costs associated with as EM himself said, 'a product that probably should not have been built due to the complexity' (paraphrased by me)

carlk | 10 octobre 2015

@AlMc I think you still missed the point. The X certainly fits all our needs but if I dig deeper there will always be things I don't like. If I'm in your situation I wouldn't be looking at what I couldn't get, or what I was promised but not offered, but just to look at what I could have. The glass half full instead of glass half empty approach is what I always use in my life. People will never be satisfied when they have a sky high expectation. Maybe you could see it's still the best and only option and be happy (although I doubt it) with it. Or go to plan B and be happy. Although first world problem sounds too casual but couldn't find a best way to spend $100K is indeed a first world problem. We should all appreciate what we have.

@Ankit Mishra No need to argue with PD on the merit of the X. That's not his purpose. PD has turned from a smart ass owner to a Seeking Alpha contributor type Tesla basher and an outrageous basher at that. Me thinks he's either shorting the Tesla stock or sold what he had too early and felt bad about it. Or it could be politically based like a lot of those bashers are. Those are very mean spirited comments he's been making especially from someone who's not even considering buying the X. As for me I have a few shares of Tesla stock which is only a very small portion of my investment portfolio. It does not even cover what I have spent to buy the Tesla car. All I want to see is Tesla to be giving a fair chance to succeed. That means so much to the world and human kind not to mention us Tesla car owners.

AlMc | 10 octobre 2015

@carlk: Never missed your point if your point is I should accept the X 'as is' even if it does not meet my family's need. I agree no vehicle is perfect but I listed several compromises I am willing to make to get an X. There are some things that go beyond compromise and make a vehicle unacceptable to some families based on what function(s) that vehicle needs to provide.

I also live a life of 'glass half full vs. glass half empty' but the X 'as is' is closer to empty than full for me (not you and many others). I am happy it meets many people's needs. Just not sure why anyone has to 'take one for the TM/green team' and buy a vehicle that has too many compromises or a single compromise that renders a vehicle unacceptable for their needs.

I accept it is good for you. Is it possible that you can accept that it is not good for someone else and that it is a legitimate reason not to buy it/cancel a reservation?

vandacca | 10 octobre 2015

@carlk, I have a question for you...are you the same carlk user on Tesla Motor Club forum?

Red Sage ca us | 10 octobre 2015

Most responsible people would prefer their children open car doors more slowly and carefully in crowded parking lots.

carlk | 10 octobre 2015

@vandacca Yes.