Japan's Answer to Tesla Roadster

Japan's Answer to Tesla Roadster

Looks like the Japs are very desperate to copy Tesla. This car is too Fugly! It's an epic disastrous design failure.

Brian H | 4 décembre 2011

The performance is awful. Why did they bother?

Timo | 6 décembre 2011

That article misses the point of the car utterly and completely. It is a design-case of using lightweight materials in a car. Performance is completely secondary to it.

"The prototype weighs just 846kg (including the battery)"

My first reaction was same as cyteks, it does look like a copy of Roadster, but that is not the point of the car.

Brian H | 8 décembre 2011

So what's the "point" of light weight if it still responds like a slug?

Timo | 9 décembre 2011

Well, they suck at making decent car, but excel in making lightweight chassis. That's like Nissan NISMO RC "racing car" based on Leaf. Looks good but is slow like a slug. Both would need someone that actually knows how to make decent drivetrain (like Tesla) to make them go.