The joy of driving Tesla Model S

The joy of driving Tesla Model S

I took a few days off from work to go for a drive in my Tesla Model S. That is when the trouble began!
Let me preface this by saying I am usually a very cautious driver counting watts per mile saved, etc.
I was just sitting at the last stoplight on Ocean Ave. just before it becomes Highway 17 North bound. No other cars were around and there was no police presence. About then another hot white coupe pulled up along side me at the light. As the light changed we both accelerated hard. His I.C.E. growled menacingly of my impending doom. The next thing I knew he was ahead by half a car length when it happened!
He had to shift!
As he shifted I stabbed the accelerator and left him far behind in my rear view mirror!
My G shocked wife asked "what are you laughing about?"

All I could say between fits of laughter was , He had to shift! He had to shift!

JDPink | 8 mai 2013

Awesome story and I love the joy of moving around ICE cars like they're standing still (I'm not cautious with my watts per mile as my average is close to 400). Funny that I/we use to enjoy driving those dinosaurs.

RedShift | 8 mai 2013

Jd. It's not just energy. Check your rear tires for wear ;-)

BTW I am guilty too. Like most every owner.

KWTesla: I like to go 'hunting' sometimes if you know what I mean. ;-)

jbunn | 8 mai 2013

One of the joys is being able to move along with traffic, then stab the torque pedal, and engage into warp drive, making the other cars look like they just stopped in the middle of the road.

KWTESLA | 9 mai 2013

JDPink my average is 322 watts/ mile

Brian H | 9 mai 2013

Even at 400 you're spending a fraction of what the cheapest hypermiler ICE driver is. And having 100X the fun.

GLO | 9 mai 2013

Love it!

elguapo | 9 mai 2013

@KWTESLA we've all got to be safe, but I picked up my MS yesterday and totally understand you. Just after I took delivery, I was stopped at a light next to some sort of BMW (I think it was a 330xi, or something). He looked over at me and the light turned green. He floored it and was ahead of me by about a car length. I stabbed the pedal and BOOM, like a rocket, flew by him (he also had to shift, so that made it look like he was literally stopped or going backwards as I passed him. The acceleratio and smoothness are amazing!

Brian H | 9 mai 2013

Did you wave?