Jump seats: Need or Pass?

Jump seats: Need or Pass?

How many people opted for these? I am reading a lot of people talking about them, but I opted out and now second guessing that decision. I only have a 2.5 year old and one on the way, so I guess I'm not sure if these are really useful for when the kids are older. So who opted for them and who didn't? Do you regret not getting them?

get_amped | 1 septembre 2013

Didn't get them. Wife did not approve no matter how many times I explained the extra bumper reinforcement.
Going up in price also made the decision easier.

mrrjm | 1 septembre 2013

I have a 15 yr old and 9 year old. Both tall for their age. I opted out. In a pinch they can just in the back. Yes I know it not safe. But I'm thinking a couple miles from school is just fine.

emd1234 | 1 septembre 2013

I have a 4 and a 6 year old that love sitting in the rear jump seats. It is true... it does get a bit hot back there. Both of our kids have mentioned that it's warm (keep in mind that it is August), but I think that getting the rear window tinted will help considerably. We added the seats so that we had an extra option either when extra adults are with us or if we need to drive any of the kids friends. Little did we know that they'd be the primary set of seats the kids wanted to sit in.

phat78boy | 1 septembre 2013

Need. Not so much for my kids, though my 3 love them. It's more for their friends and cousins. No matter how many I need to pick up, with jump seats I'm almost always covered.

Tint is pretty much a have to if you do get them.

tomkist | 1 septembre 2013

Got the seats. Have an average sized son who just turned 5. He loves them. Added the seats so we're able to transport him and a friend without having to worry about booster seats, and for the flexibility when visitors are in town. So far, so good, and we should get 3-4 years of use out of them.

Sounds like you're about 2 years away from making use of the seats. If you plan on keeping the car 5 years or more, it feels like it could be worth the investment.

EESROCK | 1 septembre 2013

We got them because we have 3 kids and knew we would need to take on additional passengers occasionally. If there's just 5 of us in the car, we don't use the rear facing seats. Our kids have complained about it getting hot back there and easily got car sick when we drove on a winding road.