Just an amazing vehicle

Just an amazing vehicle

The first taste is enough to seal the deal for me. This vehicle makes all the other ICE vehicle I've looked at seem utterly ridiculous. I have 5 kids and have been in the market for a large SUV to seat all 7 in the family. Nothing out there can compete with what I'm seeing. Very glad I'm reservation # 13,5xx!!!! It'll likely be till Summer or later, but that'll just allow me to save up a larger downpayment. Thank you Elon and the Tesla team!!!!!!!

Ps. The only complaint I have comes from my iPod owning kids who were dying for Tesla to include a WIFI hotspot for free, but I guess they'll just have to take more books on trips!

johnse | 1 octobre 2015

Just either get a phone that can do hotspot, or get a dedicated LTE hotspot device.

I would rather they keep the local network--including the car's internet connection--as isolated as possible.

carlk | 3 octobre 2015

I'm glad of my res#12xxx too. It is really an amazing car that nothing like it is out there. I wouldn't buy any other SUV/CUV on the market even at half the price.

Khagge1 | 4 octobre 2015

CARLK TOTALLY AGREE. I feel like I'd be stepping back in time if I bought any other. | 4 octobre 2015

If it's anything like the S (and I'm sure it is), once you start driving it, any other vehicle (other than the S) will feel like you've returned to the dark ages. It is very, very hard to go back to an ICE vehicle (a good thing).

Red Sage ca us | 4 octobre 2015

Precisely. Looking at the videos it seems that everyone who claims there is waning interest in Model X is not paying attention. Everyone (99.99999% qualifies as 'everyone', right) was blown away by Model X, even very jaded automotive journalists. Professional detachment is one thing, but really... Honest enthusiasm is still truthful and ethical, in my mind.

Jonathangarner | 4 octobre 2015

Not only would buying any other ICE SUV today feel like going back in time, imagine how it will feel in five years when it is paid off!

xiuyanning | 4 octobre 2015

I have Model S 70D. My wife drives it and we absolutely love it. We took it everywhere unless it is remote area offroad that we are not sure. I have a MB SUV diesel. I am debating if I should keep it or get Model X. Right now I am thinking to keep it because I don't have to worry about ranges if I drive to remote places. I think if I can get 400 miles range per charge, I will buy a model X in a second to swap our my current SUV.