Just picked up my Model S. I'm complete Teslover now! Wow! The perfect car for me.

Just picked up my Model S. I'm complete Teslover now! Wow! The perfect car for me.

I will admit that I was nervous about such a new technology at such a high price. But after picking up my car at the Fremont factory, getting the tour and having the thrill of the drive home--I have seen the light. The handling and ride and performance is mesmerizing --even over the poor pavement and ugly parts of 880 heading north. The sound system (base offering) is wonderful. The view of the knife ridges over the hood is like a classic sixties car. The rear view mirror design can only be described as sexy. The subtle elements of the ergonomics like the place for your knee on the doors just before the arm rests is amazing. And I think I might get used to the lack of the front console--I love the space.

Fortunately I had no glitches or problems. Just the best driving experience of my life.

Thanks to all of your posts on this forum for helping me through my buying process.

ppape | 22 juin 2013

Congrats!! Welcome to the grinning club :-). Love to hear experiences of the delivery and drive home.

I drove ICE home from delivery, while my husband drove the S. Following behind the S, I thought "Wow, that's a sexy looking car!" Gorgeous lines!

Enjoy driving the future!!


xradr | 22 juin 2013

@ Blissfullee

will let you in on a little secret ... for many of us, the "bliss" stays. I still have my tesla grin 6 months later! ENJOY!!!!!

NomoDinos | 22 juin 2013

Congrats!! Hope to be sharing the grin within 3 (if it's the 85) or 4 (if it's the P85) months.

fuellss | 22 juin 2013

Hi, we picked up my husbands car today too..Went on the 11:00 tour. I did not test drive the car during our many visits to the show room in Palo Alto. In my mind it was to be my husbands car and I was happy with my Lexus 400h. We have had many luxury cars and I thought this was going to be just another nice new car. Wow! was I wrong! I drove the car once we arrived home...I got so caught up in the drive, the music, the feeling of the car, our teen daughter and I were playing great music...I totally forgot time and ran late to dinner at my inlaws...Love this car and are going to share it now...

sia | 22 juin 2013

Congratulations @blisSfullee and @Calover for joining the Tesla family!

Someone on this forum said it well, that it is an understatement to use the word “car” to describe these machines. We need a new word.

skymaster | 23 juin 2013

How about a phrase....."Magic Carpet Ride"

lolachampcar | 23 juin 2013

welcome... I hope you did your Tesla Grin exercises prior to pick up least you end up with sore muscles :)

JAFIC | 23 juin 2013

Congrats...can't wait til me in Asia can start joining the club