Kinkad Latest Post on Production Delays by Option

Kinkad Latest Post on Production Delays by Option

Reading the latest post from Kinkad it seems that they will they will begin production of standard suspension in March for all battery types and would put into production based on both sequence number and order finalization.

Question, if you have a late sequence number (e.g. 12,848) and you select air suspension, can you jump ahead in line and get delivery of your car faster massuming a 85kwh battery?


jat | 3 décembre 2012

I think you might pass people waiting on options that aren't shipping yet, but if you are very far back there will probably be plenty of people whose configuration is already shipping that it wouldn't actually help you. Ie, if your car isn't going to ship until May, you aren't going to move up ahead of people waiting for red which ships in March.

TeslaModelSOwner | 3 décembre 2012

Hmmm...interesting. When i get my config email I was going to go standard suspension, but would consider the air if it means I get the car earlier tha originally estimated.

marek.koenig | 3 décembre 2012

What post are you referring to?

gregv64 | 3 décembre 2012

I agree that with your sequence number it shouldn't make any difference what you order (except that unforeseen parts shortages could delay any configuration at any point in time, but that's not predictable). Your date should be after all options are in full production and the backlog of people who were delayed by ordering those options has been eliminated.

gregv64 | 3 décembre 2012

For those wondering about the post, in the Bulletin Board section they now specify when each of the options will enter production.

marek.koenig | 3 décembre 2012

Can you provide a link?

TeslaModelSOwner | 3 décembre 2012
Meyers1958 | 3 décembre 2012

I just received my email from George explaining the slow production, which we knew all along. While I am still excited about eventually receiving my car I feel that I was intentionally mislead. I committed my deposit to being non refundable in early October with my build out. I was told that the delivery was scheduled for February or March. I believe that there was no intention of delivering my car by that timeframe. They just wanted my deposit. This purchase experience which I had hoped would be different from the big car companies has not materialized.
Another issue which has come up for me has been installing the high voltage receptacle in my garage. I live in Austin Texas with underground utilities. Because of the high amperage required I will have to get a new electric meter which will entail a larger power line run from the transformer at the street. My bid came in at $9,000. Ouch. I had estimated approximately $1k to $2k. All of this has come up in the last week. Not fun.

gregv64 | 3 décembre 2012

I don't understand the most recent post. You don't say what your config is, but since you were given an estimate of February or March and all the options are going to be available by March, why don't you believe they will deliver your car in that timeframe?

jinglehyme | 3 décembre 2012

I agree with gregv64 - My car came three weeks earlier than expected - with no 30 day advanced notice. I pick it up tomorrow and have had to scramble for financing, down payment. I'll address the charger next week! In preparation for this car, I've already installed solar, and have 200amps coming in from the local utility.

Aleksandyr | 3 décembre 2012

i think the estimate of 9k is high, was that with solar city?

solarpowered | 3 décembre 2012

The electrical utility owns everything up to the electric meter. Usually, the utility won't allow outsiders to touch their system, so the cost is paid to the utility.
My co-worker was required to put in an underground line like Meyer1958 and he paid about $8,000.

gary.greene | 3 décembre 2012

I was told by a Tesla rep. that ordering active air suspension would move me up in the production schedule because cars with 60kw batteries and active air would be built first. This is how I configured the car and my order is in. I too received the email from George Blankenship today and it said that the car could be ready in January/Feb. but was told Feb/March after I completed configuration paperwork and esignature of the contract. Hopefully sooner then later but at this point, a month or two difference to me is not that big of a deal after all this time. Just looking forward to driving it sometime in the new year!

Meyers1958 | 3 décembre 2012

My configuration was a very plain 85 kwh with the tech package. That's it. I do not think I ordered anything exotic.. From the time when I put down my deposit I was told that once Tesla contacts you your vehicle will go into production and it should take 2-3 months. I completed my paperwork on my build out the first week of October. Based on the old estimates I should have expected a delivery around the first of the year. I was told that it would be February/March. I thought that was a little strange having me commit my deposit for a potential 6 month build.
Now according to the most recent announcement the 85kwh vehicles will not even start until March. How many will be built per week and delivery times make me expect a May delivery.
The utility issue was my own fault. I should have had an electrician look at my current loads to tell me what to expect. Sorry to vent....

GoTeslaChicago | 3 décembre 2012


They are building and delivering 85 kWh cars now. Is yours perhaps without air suspension?

If so it's not what you ordered, but what you didn't order.

Meyers1958 | 3 décembre 2012

You are correct in that I did not order active air suspension. I really did not feel like changing my buildout that I made in October to get a better delivery date.

Sudre_ | 3 décembre 2012

I thought it was pretty clear that without air-suspension the wait would be longer. That's why I went with the 60kW and air-suspension rather than the 85 and no air.

MB3 | 3 décembre 2012

I get the impression they are having some kind of difficulty with the standard suspension. At a 10:1 favoring of air to standard I'm not surprised that it isn't their top priority.

mrspaghetti | 3 décembre 2012


It said on the design studio that all cars delivered in 2012 would have to have active air, so you should not be surprised you're not getting your car the first week of Jan. I'm also curious if you have any evidence to support your claim that they never had the intention to meet their early estimates.

And for what it's worth, I'm sure if you called them and wanted a refund they would give it to you at this point, so your deposit is not really non-refundable.

Klaus | 3 décembre 2012

@Meyers1958, Not sure why you need to spend so much for a hook-up. Nor do I see a need for anything additional to your incoming power. A NEMA 14-50 is a standard 4 pin dryer outlet. Surely you must have one of those already unless you use gas. Most, if not all newer homes have a 200 amp circuit, so again I don't see your problem. I paid an electrician $450 to run a line from my breaker box in the garage to a convenient location in said garage to charge my model S. So unless you're talking about the high power wall charger, you won't need anything more than a 220v 50a line.

gregv64 | 3 décembre 2012

What makes you think he has a newer home? My last house had 60amp service(!) when I bought it, and my current house had 125amp service until I just upgraded it to 200amp. Fortunately we don't have underground lines, so it wasn't so expensive. Unfortunately even my 200amp service is marginal, since I already have an 80amp on-demand water heater as well as an existing 40amp dryer circuit and a hot tub.

GoTeslaChicago | 3 décembre 2012


If your Model S charging is almost always done in the wee hours when other energy consuming activities/appliances are idle, you might be able to get by with the service you have. The electrician was probably making conservative assumptions and planning for the worst, like when everything is running simultaneously.

You could try it and see. If it works, save $9,000. If not, after a few blown circuit breakers, you'll know better and can still invest the $9,000.

Theresa | 7 décembre 2012

Klaus, I think you misspoke. The standard dryer plug is a 14-30 (30 amp) not a 14-50 (50 amp). At least in this area of the country that is so.

mrspaghetti | 7 décembre 2012


My dryer has a 14-50 outlet behind it.

sparkycollier | 7 décembre 2012

Meyers1958 - I am also in Austin, TX. I am looking for electricians to give me an estimate. Any recommendations?