LCD "paint"

LCD "paint"

Calling all engineers! The President of Science has declared a new goal for humanity:

Invent LCD "paint" so that I can change the color of my car while I'm driving it! Phase II will be more sophisticated and it will allow me to show funny cartoons on the side of my car to pedestrians.

PS I'm sorry if I got you excited about thismaybe thinking I would have a link to prototype of it or something. But who knows, maybe one of you knows of something like this that someone has already tried to make in a lab or something and you can give us a link!

EVMD | 9 septembre 2013

Did you take your medicines today?

Timo | 9 septembre 2013

Multi-color electronic ink could work. Would be extremely expensive and fragile though.

Roamer@AZ USA | 10 septembre 2013
ian | 12 septembre 2013

I think Top Gear did an LCD panel van in one episode. Had to mount a diesel generator in the back to power all the lcd panels though. Ha! ;-)

Timo | 12 septembre 2013

That's why e-ink, not LCD. E-ink doesn't use power if picture doesn't change.

olanmills | 26 septembre 2013

Wow 4rhansen, that is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of!

That would be super awesome (great for criminals too, lol).

Brian H | 26 septembre 2013

Turn the whole car into an LCD screen? Sorta overkill! And the article is 11 yrs old. Where's the beef?

Gizmotoy | 27 septembre 2013

Early prototypes of the Nissan GT-R were rumored to have paint similar to what you describe. Not an LCD exactly, but with the ability to uniformly change color. When the car is running it charges an oxide in the paint to change the color. When it gets turned off, the charge fades and the car returns to white.

Result of quick Google search:

Obviously it either had reliability issues, was too expensive, or any number of other problems because there's still no such option available on the GT-R.