Leverage GIS data (and maybe live data too) for range/route planning?

Leverage GIS data (and maybe live data too) for range/route planning?

Big circles on a map around supercharger stations is great and all but...

Why not use street/topo data for trip planning and range remaining calculations?

We could use air suspension pressure to calculate how much weight you are carrying in the car even though it won't matter too much unless you are driving in hilly terrain but being as accurate as possible is good.

Use desired or current climate settings and outside temps too. (I am almost positive the car does this now).

Now, incorporating live weather for trip route along with live traffic data IS a little more code writing.
There are many programs out there for local delivery companies to efficiently plan routes though.

I think this is a good idea and would greatly help people who take long trips or use most of the battery up between charges.

I think that this is going to be a requirement when more of us continue to use electric vehicles commercially for deliveries/public transport etc.

Fastmike Lillejord

fastmike | 12 janvier 2014

Just have the car ping this government site or download needed data into the car to do calcs....

PorfirioR | 12 janvier 2014

Elon has said during one of the shareholder meetings that route computation will be enhanced in the future to account for elevation changes and wind direction.

fastmike | 13 janvier 2014

I'm workin' on this now...