Lightning, brown outs, and blackouts

Lightning, brown outs, and blackouts

Anyone hear what type of protection the model s has. We dont get muchightning in the nw, but there have been several occasions where I've come home from a trip and had to reset all the clocks. I also have a neighbor who lost a lot electronics when the sub station through a major fit and blew

stephenpace | 5 janvier 2012

I watch (way too much) Holmes on Homes and he recommends 'whole house surge protectors' installed at the electrical panel after his house got struck by lightning and fried everything (furnace, etc.). He says they are around $500 CND installed, so next time you get some electrical work done, you might check to see what your electrician would charge you to do this.

Question, if lightning fries your Tesla, does your homeowners insurance or car insurance pay for that? I guess I should make sure I'm covered--would be an expensive mistake if I'm not!

jbunn | 5 janvier 2012

If lightning strikes your Tesla, you may inadvertantly be transported in time.

stephenpace | 5 janvier 2012

Ouch, then whatever you do, NEVER drive 88 mph in your Tesla. :-)

stephen.kamichik | 5 janvier 2012

Insurance companies usually do not cover ACTS OF GOD.

nhurst | 5 janvier 2012

stephen - What about hail, tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc. All covered.

brianman | 5 janvier 2012

Floods...often not covered.

stephenpace | 5 janvier 2012

I have flood insurance. :-) At any rate, I've got the question into my insurance provider (USAA) and will report back what they say.

jbunn | 5 janvier 2012

Is it up to my insurance company to prove it was an act of God? I'd like them to bring him to the court to testify.

David M. | 5 janvier 2012

I recall paying only a few hundred bucks for a whole house surge protector. Southwest Florida is apparently the lightning capital of the world.

Robert.Boston | 5 janvier 2012

I'm still interested in knowing whether the Tesla cars are susceptible to surges on the charging line. Even if I install something at home, I'll be charging in other locations, too.

mcornwell | 5 janvier 2012

Maybe the lightning could be used to charge the battery even faster!

stephenpace | 5 janvier 2012

LOL, great idea! I just knew this 60 foot ham radio tower would come in handy for something!

Lightning charge requires the quad-charger option.

brianman | 5 janvier 2012

... And is only supported in the 8500kWh battery model.

Teoatawki | 5 janvier 2012

But if you need 2.2 gigawatts in a hurry....

Teoatawki | 5 janvier 2012

Sorry, I got carried away in the moment and forgot to include what I was really posting for.

As much as Tesla has done with the batteries and car for it to "protect itself," it's inconceivable that there is no built in protection against brownouts and surges.

If someone's Roadster had been damaged by this type of event, I suspect we'd have heard about it.

brianman | 5 janvier 2012

The odds of a lightning strike at a location that happens to have a Tesla Roadster attached at exactly the wrong time...

It's more likely that every S Sig reservation in front of me will cancel than to have that happen.

So not having heard about such an incident doesn't tell us much at all.

stephen.kamichik | 6 janvier 2012

I am quite sure that TM has RFI filters and surge protection designed into the model S electronics.

David70 | 6 janvier 2012

I want EMP protection too. Ha.

Brian H | 6 janvier 2012

Just cover the pano roof with tinfoil ... or chicken wire.


brianman | 6 janvier 2012

< insert tin foil car hat picture here >

Douglas3 | 6 janvier 2012

My Roadster has never complained about power outages, brownouts, or surges. On one event my wireless router blew out, but nothing happened to the car.

harry pippic | 18 septembre 2015

Does someone have any serious intelligent answers for this question.

Your comments would be sincerely appreciated.



tes-s | 18 septembre 2015

I don't recall any reports of issues caused by shore power problems. Most reports are of the car not charging because it did not like the shore power, none of damage to the car.