Maybe I should introduce myself

Maybe I should introduce myself

Hey Everyone,

I've been lurking around here for a few months and I thought I might like to join a few conversations where I can contribute. I'm a reservation holder and shareholder, and I'm really looking forward to Model S #7826. I might be a bit younger than most people looking at this car, but I see it as a good investment against the rising price of oil.

I have two pet issues (because I know TM pays attention to what is posted in this forum)
1) I'd like to see 21" wheels with all-season tires, and perhaps a lower price than $3,500 for this option.
2) It's not only necessary, but I think it would be WEIRD if Tony Stark DIDN'T drive a Model S in Iron Man 3. I can't be the only one who thinks this. As a shareholder, I demand it. :)

RE | 9 août 2012

Here's hoping you get your wishes.

Slindell | 9 août 2012

I'd like to see a Tesla President Limo...

Brian H | 10 août 2012

21" all-season tires is a "have your cake and eat it, too" wish. Performance tires put max rubber on the road. Terrible for rain and snow. On race tracks, they use "slicks" (no tread) when it's dry for a reason.

Vawlkus | 10 août 2012

I'd actually rather have it come with summers and pickup a set of winters. Up here in Canada, all-seasons are used as spare tires, and not much else :P

Teoatawki | 10 août 2012

I have not found 21" tires in either all weather or winter. Tough for Tesla to sell you something that doesn't exist.

murraypetera | 10 août 2012

It would be nice if Tesla would let us pick snow tires for deliveries in the winter.

All season are "good enough" for most places but if the buyer is just going to turn around and put snow tires on it would be nice to not have to do this until spring time.

I would most definitely pick this option. Pay the diff between all season and snow.

Epley | 10 août 2012

Tony Stark definitely needs to be driving the Model S.

Red Envelope 7826 | 10 août 2012

Slindell; as would I. I wonder if there are any Limo-modification companies interested in making Tesla limos...

Brian H; I wouldn't be buying a Tesla if I weren't interested in having my cake and eating it too :P

Teoatawki; I don't know anything about tires, I wasn't aware that they didn't exist. I was talking to someone and they said that their plan was to swap summer/all-season 21" tires, and I had no reason to doubt them. I guess what I'm worried about is that even in the drought, it still rains sometimes, and I don't want my Model S to go sliding around because I've got the wrong tires on.

I couldn't believe such a thing didn't exist, so I googled "21 all-season tires" and these: ( came up. Will these work with the Model S? Again, I don't really know anything about tires.


brianman | 10 août 2012
Red Envelope 7826 | 10 août 2012


ah. :/

MarkV | 10 août 2012

@Red Envelope 7826
Be careful with the outside diameter of whatever type of tire you purchase. In the number description 245/35 21 the 245 is the width in mm. The 35 is a percentage of the width which is the height of the tire also in mm. After doing the math (remember to double the height because that is really adding to the radius) and adding it to the diameter of the rim (21") you can arrive at the outsde diameter. If you do the math for the Tesla recommended tires for the 19" rims and the 21" rims, you will find that the outside diameter is almost identical for both wheel sets. I am bringing this up because when I examined the front suspension I noted that there is a portion of the suspension that extends above the tread of the tire and only has about 3/4" clearance with the tread. If you were to get a tire with a larger overall diameter it may not fit in the space available. Just a word to the wise, be careful when choosing new tires.

Red Envelope 7826 | 10 août 2012

MarkV; Thanksfor the tip. I guess I'll just have to hope that someone makes a fitting All-Season tire.

brainman; I forgot to thank you for cluing me in, I certainly don't want to shoot the messenger.

Teoatawki | 10 août 2012

Red Envelope: unfortunately, the 21 part of the KR21s is a style number. The largest diameter the site showed was R18. So, not a match for the model S.

Teoatawki | 10 août 2012

Brianman, Red Envelope,

The tirerack search only shows summer performance tires. I'm not sure what they can do to make a tire with that wide a footprint be able to channel away significant rain or snow without totally compromising the integrity of the tire.

Jason S | 10 août 2012

Seems unlikely. The 245/35 just screams performance tire.

With a car like this I agree that separate winter tires are just the way to do it right. With a #7826 you can buy the perf tires, get delivery in early spring (likely; worst case would be a little 'weather' in your area and then 21s are inappropriate) then buy winter set with the money you save on gasoline over the summer.

Brian H | 11 août 2012

Yabbut. Most deliveries <#10,000 or so will occur in winter months. For locales that have snow (or non-stop rain like the Pacific NW), that means ordering the winters simultaneously and doing an instant switch.

Michael37 | 14 août 2012

Signature Red is pretty close to Iron Man's suit red. I'd say there's a natural match here...

sk1656 | 13 mai 2013

Nope, sorry. No mention of Model S in Iron Man 3. :(