Model E competition

Model E competition

Captain_Zap | 18 décembre 2013

This is the Model S forum.

Mathew98 | 18 décembre 2013

Another one of hundreds of concepts which will probably never make it to market.

What make you think any concepts would be a G3 competition, especially one using a Leaf battery?

Tiebreaker | 18 décembre 2013

It seems that Dodge Prowler married a tricycle and they had a baby.

How does it handle, winter tires or not?

ENGINEER | 18 décembre 2013

It looks like a backwards Aptera, you know, before they liquidated.

Brian H | 18 décembre 2013

I think it's a 4-wheeler.

craig, move this to General by using Edit up near the logo.

RAM_Eh | 18 décembre 2013

If they open and close the doors quickly, I believe it can fly

Brian H | 19 décembre 2013

Only with the special pinion feathers option; $15K Flight Package.