The Model S Apps SDK...

The Model S Apps SDK...

When will the TM Model S SDK available for thrid party developing? And how will TM vet these apps?

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 26 avril 2012

I asked about this on Sunday at the NY store and was told there is no timeline for this to be available.

I was told there would be some personalization available through the interface, but I didn't get to play with it while in the car (Beta VIN %47).

BYT | 26 avril 2012

I can't wait myself, I already have a list of idea's for apps and it's getting longer!

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 26 avril 2012

Am I wrong in my recollection that there will be a native application for owners to access the vehicle remotely?

Not only would I want to customize my car, I'd also like access to key features remotely, such as AC, lights, door locks and some anti-theft capability like location and safely cutting the engine.

I hope / assume that if there is a native app those would be things that are tenable.

BYT | 26 avril 2012

I have seen an iOS and heard of Android apps available for the Model S to control at least some of those features, yes! Let me find a video link to post...

BYT | 26 avril 2012

Here is the app running while the car is running apparently!

Peter Spirgel | 26 avril 2012

BYT Thanks - very cool!

BYT | 26 avril 2012

I thought so too, exciting and super cool! :) Can't wait to expand or see how Tesla expands on that!

Brian H | 26 avril 2012

Suggested elsewhere: Voice Command (e.g) "Open the Pod Bay doors, Hal!" to lower the windows, and/or open the pano roof, etc. Customizable by owner? Hm, I wonder if it will speak Klingon ...


JoeFee | 26 avril 2012

My wife calls my future Performance S

"His $100,000 computer"

With apps like these …. it is kind of true ;)

Brian H | 27 avril 2012

Tell her, "Well, when I was a young'un, $100K wouldn't even buy a decent calculator! Certainly not one with wheels."


JoeFee | 27 avril 2012

Sadly, I also spent a few hundred on the 1st "portable" calculator from TI that did only basic math.

speedmind | 27 avril 2012

Some of you are confusing the "remote control" app for smartphones targeted to end users as opposed to the App SDK for developers.

Timo | 27 avril 2012

@Brian H, it's a mobile phone. A very mobile phone.

speedmind | 27 avril 2012

Boy are these filters aggressive... anyway I've posted my answer over to TCM.

stephen.kamichik | 27 avril 2012

I bought my first basic calculator for $130 back in 1973.

BYT | 27 avril 2012

I bought my first Dell Intel 486 for over $4k back in the 90's I think it was. It was the sweetest rig out at the time but man did it depreciate fast.

I am getting off topic however. I think to answer tdelta1000, Tesla will release the SDK to create the Tesla Motors Apps(may call it the TM App Store maybe) after a few Production Vehicles have shipped out to keep their focus on the cars themselves.

I can't imagine they will be overwhelmed with apps at the start so a couple guys can vet these apps until interest ramps up. Even then, I don't think it will ever be an issue until TM is selling the Bluestar cars and producing 20k or more a year compared to more than 100 Million iOS based devices from Apple for example.

BYT | 27 avril 2012

NOTE: speedmind on the TeslaMotorClub site asked Elon about the SDK specifically and here was his comments on it:

Brian H | 28 avril 2012

BYT. 486? I upgraded from a Commodore to a 8086 (PC-DOS, dual floppies, no HD, 500K RAM, 5MHz) for about $2400 in the late 70s, later upgraded with a 8087 floating-point coprocessor!
Then on thru 80186, 286(AT), 386, 486, P1, P4. Prices peaked at around the 386 period, I think. This summer I'll finally go dual or quad, I guess. Bloatware keeps demanding faster hardware! >:(

BYT | 28 avril 2012

Yeah, the vicious cycle the forces us to upgrade. And they call this "progress" apparently? ;) Ah well, it keeps me employed as well so I guess I can't complain too much... :D

Brian H | 29 avril 2012

It's a fascinating conundrum in real world situations. If you have a project that will take several years with state-of-the art hardware, just wait till the last few months and get the latest rig and you'll do the whole thing in the remaining time for a fraction the h/w and 'labor' costs. Moore's Law is vicious.

jerry3 | 29 avril 2012

That's only true if you already know what the input variables are. Most of the "several years" are spent finding out about the variables--in particular the variables you didn't even know existed at the start of the project. Moore's Law doesn't cover those.

gjunky | 29 avril 2012

Always start by making a list of all the unknowns... :)

BYT | 29 avril 2012

"Always start by making a list of all the unknowns... :)"

That list is always longer... ;)

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 29 avril 2012

I'm waiting for an agile versus waterfall argument to break out...

speedmind | 2 mai 2012

@Mike_ModelS_P457 bring it ...

btw, you a pig or a chicken if it goes the agile way ;-)