Model S on National Geographic Megafactories

Model S on National Geographic Megafactories

I just watched a full hour long episode on building the Model S at NatGeo Megafactories.
It gave a good impression of some of the challenges Tesla faced when starting up a new huge factory.
This was AWESOME to watch and I can reccomend it to every forum visitor. It might actually be great material for staff at Tesla stores to hand out to interested visitors on a Tesla branded USB stick for watching at home :-)

BYT | 22 novembre 2012

Any online link to it?

DouglasR | 22 novembre 2012

Doesn't look like the full episode is available. Here is a three minute trailer:

DouglasR | 22 novembre 2012

Due to be aired December 22. Where did you see it, ArieK?

dborn | 22 novembre 2012

Saw it in Australia. Great show!

Ohms.Law | 22 novembre 2012

Thank you ArieK! This is a story that needs to be and hasn't yet been told. I look forward to seeing it.

Good catch.

Brian H | 22 novembre 2012

Remind us in 29 days ...

ArieK | 22 novembre 2012

I saw it in the Netherlands. Never imagined they would air this episode in Europe before the US. Oh well, for most people it will be a shorter wait for this episode than it will be for their car ;-)

alexsandroscob | 23 novembre 2012
Tazzat | 25 novembre 2012


Whity Whiteman | 25 novembre 2012
stephen.kamichik | 25 novembre 2012

I watched the Russian version on youtube. I do not speak or understand Russian. A lot of the technical terms are understandable. I got about 10 percent from the Russian version. I will watch the English version for the other 90 percent of the information.

Whity Whiteman | 25 novembre 2012

footage is awsome... ever seen a factory like this... like a movie set

mbarontseff | 25 novembre 2012

Nice video. I'll watch the English version later. Tesla needs to get that story out to people that are interested in their cars.

tranhv68 | 25 novembre 2012

I watched the trailer for the special on national geographics website. I can't wait.

rekoh | 25 novembre 2012

is there an english version out (prior to 12/22), or one with english subtitles available now?? I watched the russian one, but would like to understand the content (the images are great). link anyone?

Whity Whiteman | 25 novembre 2012

here the english version with netherland subtitles

Volker.Berlin | 26 novembre 2012

Whity Whiteman, great, thank you very much for posting the link!
I watched the Russian version last night but will much more enjoy the English version when I find time to watch it tonight.

tranhv68 | 26 novembre 2012


Thanks for the link. What a great show. Too bad they wrapped production too early. No mention of superchargers or motor trend COTY. Both omissions deserve their own shows IMO.

kent | 26 novembre 2012

Thanks for the updated version.

Whity Whiteman | 26 novembre 2012

like =) | 26 novembre 2012

Thanks for the link Whity!

BYT | 26 novembre 2012

Thanks for the link, awesome video!

Jolinar | 26 novembre 2012

thx for link :)

nickjhowe | 26 novembre 2012

+1 @Whity 45minute advert for Tesla! | 26 novembre 2012

That's the most detailed look at the battery packs that I've seen.

Volker.Berlin | 27 novembre 2012

+1 nickjhowe

KJR4235, really? The only shot that actually shows the battery pack is artificially blurred and the voice-over says that it's considered top secret. That's understandable in a way, but I must say that on the bottom line, I'm underwhelmed. It's a 45-minute advert for Tesla, no more, no less.

Brian H | 27 novembre 2012

Yes, could have spent (for me) a lot less time on the background and driving and chatter, and much more on the specific factory operations. But I guess their purpose was to show it as part of an overall image of Tesla as ground-breaker.

nickjhowe | 27 novembre 2012

I've been in the factory so not much new info, but even though I've toured the paint area I hadn't put 2 and 2 together and realised just how far the car has to travel from 'body in white' to the paint shop. The speeded up footage shows the car travelling a LONG way through a dark part of the factory.

The voiceover also makes a few factual errors (talks about 19" wheels when showing video of the 21's) but I wonder what to make of the comment that the welding robot 'needs to do this 700 times per day'. Does that mean a max line throughput of 700 vehicles per day? Or 100 per day with seven welds for that specific part (or some other combination)?? | 27 novembre 2012

I guess I had never seen the smaller group individual batteries being stacked together. The bigger picture was blurred as you pointed out. As a non-engineer type I found the overview on the robotics & images interesting. Ultimately, you are correct about it being an advert. I hope to see the factory in person someday.

unclegeek | 7 juillet 2013

This should be "sticky"'ed if only this forum supported that.. I just found this video and it's very impressive.. if you have any skepticism about Tesla Motors full-on long term commitment and capabilities.. this documentary should cure that.
Great stuff about a great company. | 7 juillet 2013

Although I looked I have never seen this broadcast on NatGeo in Colorado.

AmpedRealtor | 7 juillet 2013

What I found interesting and a little bit concerning was the mention that Model S body frame is comprised of 12-14 pieces that are welded together. Don't most of today's auto manufacturers use unibody construction to avoid having to do this and to provide a more rigid construction? I really don't know much about vehicle construction, but this one aspect stuck out for me.

Brian H | 7 juillet 2013

Yes, that is the NatGeo episode referred to in the OP.