MODEL S in OSLO in April

MODEL S in OSLO in April

Just recieved email inviting me to an opening of Tesla Showroom in Oslo on April 11th. George Blankenship and Tesla S Beta (the one from Geneva??) will be present, and there is also an invitation to a reception at the American Embassy. For sure I'll be there. Eager to know more about price and delivery to Norway, hoping that my EU Sig 53 will get me my Tesla before Xmas

ManuVince | 27 mars 2012

The Beta from Geneva is right now in front of my office building in The Netherlands (we are the lucky neighbor of Athlon car leasing).

I wouldn't bet on having the car delivered this year in Europe (even for sig holder).

ambonvik | 27 mars 2012

Excellent news! I didn't receive that email, so I guess the event is for Sig holders only. Mine is from the regular production series. Doesn't really matter for me, I'm out of town that day anyway.

Where is the showroom located?

DagHB | 28 mars 2012

Showroom is located at Alfaset, Oslo - Verkseier Furulunds vei 16C

Milzit | 29 mars 2012

This event is not only for signature reservation holder, I have received the same e-mail and I have a standard reservation.
Is this an open event? If so I think it will be very long line..

Brian H | 29 mars 2012

I just informed the Dutch viewers there that it seats 5 + 2 dwarves! (I understand some still live there ...)

ManuVince | 29 mars 2012

@Brian : The Dutch are so tall, for them a dwarf is 1m70 (5ft5), still doesn't fit on those seats ;-)

To my Norwegian friends. The Tesla Model S Beta was loaded up in a Truck yesterday, so I guess it is on its way to Oslo :-)

Brian H | 29 mars 2012

Oh, well, I'm sure Norwegian dwarves are shorter.


Volker.Berlin | 4 mai 2012

"Tesla Opens Showroom and Service Center in Oslo Norway"

(I know this is three weeks old "news", adding it to the thread merely for the record.)

"[...] The Oslo showroom will introduce Europe to a new, highly interactive touchscreen experience designed to show exactly what it's like to GO Electric! The service center will be similar to other state-of-the-art Tesla service centers in London, Eindhoven and California. [...]"

Kallisman | 5 mai 2012

Already been there and checked out the Model S. It looked impressive, but not finished yet. Definitely a beta. Quite big. Look forward to test driving some day.