Model S Sedan business airport casino runs

Model S Sedan business airport casino runs

Seriously been considering starting a part-time business with my model S

I thought I would ask the community on any thoughts for a name for the business offering airport casino runs only anyone have any good ideas for a name ?

NKYTA | 15 avril 2014



SaveYourGamblingMoneyAndBuyModelS? ;-)

church70 | 15 avril 2014

Are you talking about Tesla stock? LOL

Mathew98 | 15 avril 2014

Airbus Gambla....

church70 | 15 avril 2014

The winner gets a free T-shirt : )

Captain_Zap | 15 avril 2014

Teslas are used as Uber cars in these parts.

church70 | 15 avril 2014

I just thought of one green plate sedans or EV sedans lol

church70 | 15 avril 2014

Yeah thought of this too but I'd rather do airport or casino just more money in it for instance if I get an airport run I will make $150 for like an hour and a half of work Includes getting back home that if I just charge the taxi rate

church70 | 15 avril 2014

Captain_Zap are you in the GTA ?

carlk | 15 avril 2014

Someone has used screen name S-Car-Go on this forum. I think it's a good name for your business too.

MNGreene | 15 avril 2014

Airport Casino Run (to steal from OP)

church70 | 15 avril 2014

My car is black if this helps

Velo1 | 15 avril 2014

Let it All Ride on Black

Velo1 | 15 avril 2014

Black S Car Service (but pronounce it escort service)

NOGAS4G | 15 avril 2014

While S-Car-Go has a nice ring to it, it is a homonym for the French word escargot, which means "snail", hardly an apt description for a Tesla. Perhaps as irony it works though.

Tâm | 15 avril 2014


The best of both worlds: Tesla ride to your Casino!

Get it quick. Your competitor might already took:



church70 | 15 avril 2014

@NOGAS4G I was thinking the same thing

church70 | 15 avril 2014

@Tam somebody really wants a free T-shirt lol

Captain_Zap | 15 avril 2014


I doubt it. I don't know what GTA is. Grand Theft Auto?
I have a clean record. Looking to hire a driver?

Bighorn | 15 avril 2014

Greater Toronto area, I think.

Tâm | 15 avril 2014


carlk | 15 avril 2014

@NOGAS4G Yes the irony is what may make the name stick.

Captain_Zap | 15 avril 2014

I thought that Toronto was YYZ or the home of "The Power Trio".

Bighorn | 15 avril 2014

Did you netflix queue (cue to you) the Rush documentary (Beyond the Lighted Stage)?

Bighorn | 15 avril 2014

Black All In?

Brian H | 16 avril 2014

The BetBuggy?

church70 | 16 avril 2014

Contacted someone a Tesla today to see if it was possible to use the name tesla in anyway said they would speak to the legal department on my behalf to see what is allowed possibly use their logo even if possible not holding my breath on that one but who knows

I think that could make it really easy if allowed Tesla sedan service pretty straightforward

EV sedans someone might get confused and think I'm trying to pick them up in the Nissan leaf lol

thranx | 16 avril 2014

The Silence of the Trams.

sivlesegrob9 | 16 avril 2014

Electric Vegas? or Vegas electric, if you're feeling adventurous.

Tâm | 16 avril 2014


Trademark is serious business so I don't think it is wise to use its name.

It may tolerate the use of its logo/name for a while in its infancy for user groups, forums, owners...

But as the brand matures, it should be much more strict and would even crack down small mom and pop stores selling its logo and trade mark.

You may be too small now for it to follow up on your question because there are bigger fish to fry, and you may interpret silence as endorsement, but once it has free time, I expect it to crack down on your business for trademark/logo infringement in future.

church70 | 16 avril 2014

That's why I called to inquire I don't honestly believe they will be okay with this
I just thought I'd try I learned a long time ago nothing ventured nothing gained

church70 | 16 avril 2014

A lot of good ideas from this thread THE ULTIMATE LIST OF VANITY LICENSE PLATE NAMES

Captain_Zap | 16 avril 2014

@Bighorn - I got "Beyond the Lighted Stage" for Christmas a year or so ago from a friend. I really enjoyed it. I'm glad they didn't "sell out", as we used to call it. According to the show, I wasn't your typical Rush fan.

Red Sage ca us | 17 avril 2014

Silent Transit

Electra S

Hyper Livery

Lektrik Stables

Sun Carriage

tes-s | 17 avril 2014

Have you tested the waters at all with some potential customers? Might want to drive some people around in the back seat and see how they like it.

teriyaki88 | 17 avril 2014

Flash or Flash Drive
Bolt or Thunder Bolt


Red Sage ca us | 17 avril 2014

Blacklite Express


NKYTA | 17 avril 2014

I think "CashCab" is already taken. ;-)

sagebrushnw | 17 avril 2014

Like tes-s suggestion above:

"Have you tested the waters at all with some potential customers? Might want to drive some people around in the back seat and see how they like it."

The Model S, for it's size, is not the easiest car to get in and out of the back seat area. I've found some smaller cars easier to get in and out of the back seat because the shape and size of the rear doors. The Model S's rear door opening is quite small at the bottom where feet swing in or out, and if one has large feet, it isn't pleasant. Just my imput.

Jonathan D | 18 avril 2014

Electric Luxury Transport
E-Towncar Service
Green Towncar

Captain_Zap | 18 avril 2014

Acronym LIT: Luxury Intercity Transport

murphyS90D | 2 septembre 2019


BarryQ | 2 septembre 2019

You just flagged a 5 year old post?

PrescottRichard | 2 septembre 2019

I’m guessing whatever Murphy flagged is gone now.

Bighorn | 2 septembre 2019

True. It’s gone.

aaaaaalexmoore | 5 septembre 2019

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