Model S transfer to other country due to moving

Model S transfer to other country due to moving

I am in a real bad situation right now. I am reservation holder 13860 and could receive my Model sometimes summer this year. The problem that I have is that I will be moving to Europe due to a new job opportunity. This I did not know until about 3 weeks now. My delivery woudl be around summer 2013. With January 2014 I will be moving to Europe and would like to take my car with me. Unfortunetaly there is nothing in place on Tesla's side that I can bring my car with me.
I would loose my warranty and also it is not clear to me what changes I have to make on the car in order to operate my Model S legaly in Europe.
I already informed Tesla Motors about my situation and never get a clear answer what i have to do.
It looks like I have to cancel my reservation (which I hate to do) since i am not able to take my car with me even if I could drive it for a half year in the US. What happens to Model S owner in cases like that? It is quite normal that people have changes in their live and move to different countries. Thanks for your input.

Flaninacupboard | 9 janvier 2013

A US spec car would need some changes:
Speedometer & odometer in Kmh (don't know if S lets you swap?)
Combined Stop and Turn lights (We have seperate lamps for stopping and turning, and the turn indicators are orange, cannot be red)
Lights must have EU approval [CE logo] (Does S have this? if not, you need new lights. Not good...)
Headlight dipping adjustment (You might get away with a stick on lens so change beam alignment, maybe not...)
Tyres must also have EU approval [CE logo] (21" tyres are not cheap!)
Window glass must have EU approval (CE logo) - all windows, not just the windscreen (If S does not have this, forget it)
Just buy a Euro spec one. You'll have to pay VAT/sales tax wherever you are, but with the cost and hassle of shipping and modifying the car it's probably a wash.

Maychi | 9 janvier 2013

@ Flaninacupboard: thanks for the great answer. I thought already that a lot of changes need to be done.
If I would drive my car here in the US for 6 month and transfer it to Europe I do not have to pay sales tax in Europe as long as I keep the car at least 2 years in my name. I just have to pay the tax in the US (which is lower). It would be interesting how much the hardware change to an Europe model would cost at the end.

It just sucks since I loose my resrevation spot. That means I move way back in my delivery. I wanted to get the 60kWh, grey metallic, glass roof, 19" wheels, black leather, tech package, active air suspension, twin charger.
I assume if I cancel my order and make a new reservation I would get my car sometimes summer 2014.

lolachampcar | 9 janvier 2013

not sure how long you will be in Europe but I have seen US registered cars operating in Europe for limited periods.

Maychi | 9 janvier 2013

I will be there for good. I am originaly from there but live since several years in the US. So my plan is to buy and drive my Model S here in the states (since I did not know that I go back that soon) and keep driving this amazing car back in Europe.

peahl | 9 janvier 2013

I have planned the same thing but a bit far out 5 to 8 years from now and I hope to that time (the european delivery is up and running) there will no problem to swap what is necessary. Usually you ship your car and there are companies there that do the registration process (TUEV and so on) for you for a minimal fee but you are responsible for paying for the mod's. In case for a Mercedes C300 it is less than 1000 Euro.Together with $1000 for shipping that still makes sense if you do not have to pay the Einfuhr tax.

Maychi | 9 janvier 2013

@ pahlemann: this is exactly what i was thinking. thx

Brian H | 9 janvier 2013

Bad assumption. With the high (and rising) production rate, no current or near-future reservation will take longer than late summer/early fall 2012 to arrive.

Brian H | 9 janvier 2013

typo: late summer/early fall 2013, of course.

gregv64 | 9 janvier 2013

I do think it's best for you to cancel and reserve in europe. However, be careful. I agree with Brian that if you made a european reservation now the car would be ready before you returned. You'll have to track deliveries over the summer/autumn if you want to figure out when to reserve to get the car soon after you move.

This is no different than any other car. I assume you sold your car in europe and bought a new one here when you moved out. I see people selling cars all the time because they are moving out of the country. If you know early enough it's better just not buying the car.

Alex K | 10 janvier 2013

Your biggest problem may be that the European Model S allows 3 phase charging - or at least that is the rumor.