Model X Interior Color Selection

Model X Interior Color Selection

Need some help here all. I've been waiting over a week trying to determine what color combination to order on the model X interior. I'm a Sig holder in the 650's

I'm planning to go with the Matte wood Obeche trim with Black leather and completely stuck on wether to buy the white (actually beige) headliner OR the black headliner. I like the "openness" of the white headliner, but with the large panoramic windshield, I'm not sure if it is really needed now. I do have two kids at 4 and 5yrs old so that is a consideration.

I have a Volvo XC 60 with black leather and tan headliner and liked that but it did get a little dirty with the kids were trying to eat yogurt in the back seat with bendy spoons. I have all black in my audi with alumminium trim and it works too (kind of a sleeker look)

Anyway, would love to hear people's opionions — Especially from those that have seen the X in person. Anyone have a link to tracking what interior options are being ordered?

Thanks all,


rossRallen | 4 octobre 2015

There's a compilation of options ordered on

I chose tan seats and white headliner. Especially looking through the car front-to-back, the white headliner seemed to make the interior appear more open, less confining, and less cavernous. I would have preferred a tan headliner, but the white has a vaulted, architectural look to it. All my personal preferences, of course.

Mark Z | 5 octobre 2015

David - Here is an older link that was created a month ago.

It should give you more color combinations to view. I no longer have access to Design Studio, so any choices not shown in the thread would need to be provided by others.

The Design Studio that is active during your ordering process always has the latest data to help you choose. The screen saves in the thread should be used only as additional information. The latest photos of Model X that people have posted should help with the decisions.

Above all, enjoy your Model X.

eric.zucker | 6 octobre 2015

I'm planning on black inside. Black leather seats, black alcantara headliners. Minimizes reflections on the beautiful windshield.