Model X in the showroom?

Model X in the showroom?

Has anyone spotted a Model X in any of the Tesla showrooms? If so, where and can you provide pictures?

wchenwei | 11 novembre 2015

heard from a tesla sales: "Model X test drives will most likely start early 2016."

Tâm | 11 novembre 2015


First thing first.

I assume the priority is to start delivery to those who waited more than 3 years with non-earning interest deposits of $40,000 first before Tesla would deliver them to showrooms.

If you don't hear any news from the press about a delivery above then most likely you won't see them in showrooms for sometime more.

vinny_s85 | 11 novembre 2015

Sales associate told me yesterday that test drive cars are expected to be available by year end at the Southern CA locations. I am not a reservation holder, so presumably reservation holders will have ability to test drive even sooner.

aljjr2 | 11 novembre 2015

Not sure how "reliable" this info is. Maybe in California, due to Tesla's proximity there may be some demo cars. Here in Georgia, the SC says they don't expect Model X until 2016. The also stated they believe the priority is given to fulfilling orders on reservation holders who have been waiting over 3 years.

Tâm | 11 novembre 2015


It's easy to predict a date.

Model X production date was predicted by Tesla as 2013.

Later on, was updated as 2014.

Then, it actually happened at last on 9/29/2015.

So it's easy to predict a date for show room as the end of this year.

However, those dates are not meaningful until you can see a constant, continuous production on the assembly line.

I think fair is fair.

More than a thousand of Signature holders have finalized their orders and rendered their deposits non-refundable without personally doing a test drive.

They deserve to get their deliveries first and get behind their steering wheels first, way before anyone else in showrooms.

ir | 11 novembre 2015

Santana Row (CA) says they'll have an X in Q1 2016. Test drives will be exclusive to reservation holders.