More Navigation Problems

More Navigation Problems

So I dropped my wife off at Lexus. The S found the Lexus dealer easily using voice commands:

But it decided to navigate to a different address on the other side of the street:

Go figure...

Captain_Zap | 7 janvier 2013

I had a funny error. I paid to get on a ferry and I was waiting in line. I entered the address of my destination. The nav system directs me to another ferry 30 miles to the north. (A smaller ferry with far longer wait times.)

I have not been able to figure out how to modify it so that it takes the route that I prefer.

Joyrider | 7 janvier 2013

Just curious as to why you are even using navigation if you know the route so well you know a better one than the nav is giving you...

Captain_Zap | 7 janvier 2013

Just testing the system.

Captain_Zap | 7 janvier 2013

Also, there are times where I may not know the location of the end destination but I know there are multiple routes to choose from to get to the general area. I may want to avoid tolls, traffic or poor weather conditions. I'll enter the final destination while I am stopped rather than wait until I'm close to the final destination.

Also, I am learning about the system as I go and providing feedback as a part of the early adopter team. ;-)
Tesla has been really good about responding to feedback and making improvements and adding features with each firmware update.

nickjhowe | 8 janvier 2013

I assume (never a good thing) an update is going to give us all the nav settings that you'd expect - use freeway vs avoid freeway; shortest vs fastest; use tolls vs avoid them, etc. etc.

Come on TM - where's our January software update?

Brian H | 8 janvier 2013

The car knew where you were, so calculated you must want to go somewhere else!

jbh | 3 mars 2013

The nav system is far less functional than my wifes car.... Tesla really needs to add the ability to save nav settings, frequently used, home, use freeway vs avoid freeway; shortest vs fastest; use tolls vs avoid them, etc. i use the nav a lot and find this lack of function the most problematic thing on the car. I also want the option to have the large map point in the direction the cr is going, rather than always north. Otherwise i love the S, (had it for two weeks now).

shop | 3 mars 2013

I actually like the nav system as I can actually use it. The user interface is so easy and quick to find the destination you want as opposed to the BMW i-drive using a spinner dial to spell out letters...