More trouble at Blink

More trouble at Blink
all are being derated to 24 amps. The same as I get from a electric dryer connection

Blink is an example of a bad business plan (chargers before there are vehicles to use them) and poor execution (poor quality unreliable chargers) made possible by a misplaced government grant.

There are quite a few of them in my state but many of them are non functional. For a Tesla they ate good at a hotel where the current is enough for an overnight charge. I used one at a Holiday Inn outside Knoxville and it was fine, if a bit pricy. But for any other way of traveling they are only for emergencies. You can get 40 amps out of an RV 50 at a RV Park. If you can find one that is willing.

mclary | 13 août 2014

Ok. The point to your post is what?

Tâm | 13 août 2014

The article points out to the poor design/engineering that causes charger cable overheat as far back as 2012.

Poor design, poor engineering is not sustainable whether there's a government grant or not.

centralvalley | 13 août 2014

I have never used Blink. I do have a ChargePoint card, however. I have availed myself of ChargePoint chargers a few times when out in the wild.

A couple of times I noticed that the initial 30A current would trigger a warning message on my dashboard after about 45 minutes to an hour about using an extension cord or such. The notification also said that amperage was being reduced to 22A for safety.

This likely explains the fact that many of these 30A public charging stations utilized lower-gauge wire or other inferior components, thinking that the only users of these charge ports would be Leafs or Priuses that would only connect for a short while.

Just another reason to have some sort of decent charging infrastructure standards!

centralvalley | 13 août 2014


Lower-gauge wire meaning wire incapable of sustaining a higher continuous flow. So, a higher-gauge number as the numbering scheme works.

mrrjm | 13 août 2014

I have one of the free chargers. Haven't plugged it in in a while so it's probably still at 30 amps. Thinking about selling it.