MS does not display music on bluetooth-paired iPhone

MS does not display music on bluetooth-paired iPhone

I've volkerized and don't seem to find anything remotely like this. I have an iPhone 4S which contains music I have ripped from CDs using iTunes (mp3 format). The music is there and I can play it on the iPhone. I paired the iPhone via Bluetooth with my MS, and it paired just fine. But:

I can't see the music. When I touch "iPhone" in the Media player, I see the iPhone but no music. I've tried swiping (like one might in Slacker or Tunein) and it does nothing. If I press the play button, it plays either the last thing I finished playing, or the first track on the next album, and then, I can see the artist, the title, and album artwork. If I press the forward arrow it skips to the next track, or if on the last track on an album, the first track on the next album.

But I still can't see the albums or tracks listed anywhere, so I can't choose to what to listen. Any suggestions?

chrisdl | 12 mars 2014

Bluetooth doesn't support this feature (on the Model S or on any other car).
You can only play / pause and choose next and previous tracks. In addition, you can see song information and album art.

To select a specific song, you'll need to use the Music app on your iPhone. To make that easier, use Siri: long press the home button on the iPhone and say "play lady gaga" or "play some heavy metal", for example.

hamer | 12 mars 2014

@chrisdl: Thank you.

bp | 13 mars 2014

What we have today is very basic support for smartphone connectivity - and more could be done in Tesla's software to provide better support.

Until then, music playback works best with the Internet services or using an inexpensive, high capacity, USB memory stick. And for media such as encrypted audiobooks, you can start/stop playback that has been initiated on the smartphone.

Longer term, more could be done to provide support for Apple, Android, and any other mobile devices with sufficient volume (Windows Phone?).

A huge advantage of the Tesla's Model S strategy is their commitment to provide software updates - so, unlike other car manufacturers, we should continue to see improvement and expanded device support...

ILOVEMYTESLA | 13 mars 2014

We are expecting a "Bang" with the Software update 6.0, hopefully, that will come with it, for now enjoy your car and the "fame" that comes with owing one in Charlotte or wherever you are in NC. LOL