My MS arrived!

My MS arrived!

Got home delivery Thursday on my metallic blue, tan int, 85 kWh, tech pkg, 19" wheels, active susp. space craft. I could not be happier. Thanks to everyone that posted on this forum. The input really helped me with my config and expectations. I agree with some previous post about some of the "small stuff"... vanity mirrors, lack of interior storage, etc. But, when it comes to what matters - how it looks, drives, features and functionality it is a screaming HOME RUN. This is absolutely the coolest car on the planet. I want to pose a question to the CEOs of the other car companies... Have you driven this car? If not, why not? If so, are you extremely impressed and maybe a little scared? When you think about how Tesla has replaced a huge, inefficent, poluting, noisy engine with a in-line motor smaller than a beer keg and battery pack on the bottom, isn't it a huge Duh, this is way better?! Is the car expensive? Aabsolutely. This was not a small expenditure for me. But, I have gotten to the point of being able to afford a nice car and up until about 6 months ago, was figuring it would probably be either a BMW series 7, Mercedes S class or Audi A8. Up till now, I have been driving mainly Toyotas and low end Lexus'. When I watch car commercials now and they talk about their "leading edge technology" it makes me laugh.

My biggest worries... that someone will hit my car, will this get so popular that you have to wait at the charging stations and will I ever be able to leave it with a valet (I honestly don't think I can yet).

Vern110 | 23 mars 2013

Congrats, bionegr, enjoy the ride.

Velo1 | 23 mars 2013

Congrats! I just tell the valet to "hop in and I'll park it, but you show me where.". They're so happy I worried they'll soil the leather. Enjoy

info | 23 mars 2013

Usually when you get a new car, the best day is the first day. Not with this one. Each day you will learn little things and be more impressed. I know that it's hard to imagine you could like the car any more than you do right now, but in a week, you will grow to where you want to kiss it goodnight after you park it. I've had mine 6 weeks and I still tuck it in each night. God only knows what I'll be doing after owning it 6 months. I think there might be a movement to allow man+car marriages. If so, there will be a lot of marriage licenses requested. Good luck. Keep grinning! (Brian H does it have two n's?)

P85_Norway | 23 mars 2013

Pictures please.

Tesla-me | 23 mars 2013

Congrats. Bio. I had my Sig for 4 months, I'm love my "baby" more as the day go by. Good luck & have fun.

Brian H | 24 mars 2013

Yes, to keep a vowel sound "short", double consonant insulation is generally required.

haansberger | 24 mars 2013

Myself I'm still struggling between the gray and tan interior for my blue MS. Could you send some pictures to on which I can clearly see the colour combo blue/tan ?
Appreciate your help !

hfcolvin | 24 mars 2013

My thoughts exactly bio, except I never would have spent this much money on any other ICE car! Congrats and enjoy from a fellow blue!