My solution to dinging the doors on the garage wall

My solution to dinging the doors on the garage wall

The Model S is pretty wide -- we all know that -- and I end up having to park close enough to our garage wall, which is concrete, for the doors to swing open and hit it, especially the back where the kids sit. And they're rarely all that careful when exiting or entering the vehicle.

So, I decided to put up some protective padding. I wanted something squishy but sturdy, and not so thick as to be in the way when walking between the wall and the car.

I bought 4 linear feet of this Apache Mills anti-fatigue mat at Lowe's:

I cut three pieces out of it: 24" x 12" (2 pieces) and 48" x 12" (1 piece)

I marked on the wall with chalk where they needed to be to line up with the doors' contact points. I did this with the car pulled in both frontward and backward (just in case). Also, since the wall is concrete, and I don't like putting holes in concrete when I can avoid it, I glued them on using LOCTITE PL Premium Construction Adhesive:

I just criss-crossed the glue bead across the back (solid surface) of the mat pieces and pressed it up against the wall. Holding it there for 5 minutes left it retained in place. Pro tip: Do not skimp on the glue as it's difficult to hold the mat steady against the wall to prevent it from sliding down while the adhesive is setting and curing if enough isn't used.

Here's how it turned out:

You can see in that last photo that it's not very thick. But, because it's closed-cell foam and pretty dense, it stops the door firmly but gently.

Finding the mat at Lowe's was the hardest part. Total cost for everything was ~$20, which is cheaper than those ready-made garage door pads they sell, and I think this mat material works better. And the gray is very neutral, especially against concrete.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it.

cfOH | 7 septembre 2013

In case it isn't clear, the upper pads correspond to the contact points of the rear doors (pulled in frontward and backward) and the lower pad is for the front door (which, interestingly, contacts the wall in about the same spot regardless of how the car is pulled in).

JAFIC | 7 septembre 2013

Great idea. Thanks

mdemetri | 7 septembre 2013

Brilliant!!! I had told myself to do something like this before I got the car; but didn't. Some regrets now, the kids just do not care.

hsadler | 7 septembre 2013

We just hung one of our stadium seats where the driver door opens - it has about 2 inches of padding.

tomkist | 7 septembre 2013

Brilliant idea.

youlikeadajuice | 8 septembre 2013

Ha! Nice...I bought the exact same stuff for the exact same purpose ;)

shawns | 8 septembre 2013

Love it, great idea! Now if I only I could put this on the outside of my car when I park in public hah.

riceuguy | 8 septembre 2013

I did the exact same thing, but yesterday the 6 year old opened the back door into someone's side view mirror. I am sure it will buff out, but for now I cringe a bit every time I see the scuff...

RanjitC | 8 septembre 2013

@cfOH +1
By the way whats the hydroxyl group attached to.

cfOH | 8 septembre 2013

@RanjitC: Um...uh...a fluorocarbon?

It's my initials and OH (for Ohio).

Zero EV | 8 septembre 2013

Good idea ... I wonder if my wife would mind me gluing those to her van since she parks next to me ;-)

EESROCK | 8 septembre 2013

If only Tesla voice command could respond to "shields up" when I park in public places.

djm12 | 8 septembre 2013

Can I stick this stuff on cars next to me in public parking? ;)

cfOH | 8 septembre 2013

@djm12: Sure. By all means.1

1This is not legal advice.

hsadler | 8 septembre 2013

Hmmm.... now thinking of hanging the stadium seats on the Tesla doors when parking in public.

Maybe the Tesla accessories store will offer those life preserver rings used on the sides of boats to prevent damage when docking. They could automatically deploy similar to the 'Garage' Homelink.

AnitaToronto | 15 septembre 2013

That looks similar to our garage. Only we used yoga mats. Hubby had initially done that for his Porsche but I took over that side and it works great for my Tesla