Need Recharging Outlets in Public Garages Used by Residents of Multi-Unit Buildings

Need Recharging Outlets in Public Garages Used by Residents of Multi-Unit Buildings

Tesla Motors is essentially limiting its market to dwellers of single family homes. They can recharge electric cars overnight in their own garages. Many of us who reside in multiple unit buildings must park in public garages. I’m one of them. I could buy several Model S’s with my profits in TSLA shares. I’d love to own one, but cannot because our municipal garage does not have outlets for recharging.

Elon Musk was asked about this at the shareholders meeting. He seemed lost for an answer. I’ve been lobbying my town’s officials, but they want to see more demand. Of course that’s a chicken and egg problem: which comes first, electric cars or recharging outlets? I really hope that Tesla Motors gets working with the owners of public garages to speed up the implementation of recharging outlets.

Are you in a similar situation as me? If so, what do you plan to do about it in your town?

negarholger | 20 juillet 2013

Curt - that is our job to create demand and ask for charging places.
E.g. in case there is a new condo construction in your neighborhood go play interested party and ask if they are installing charging. The more interest the more likely to get it. I just did that in my neighborhood and yes they have a feed to the garage and for a charge they could install an outlet at your spot. But this is CA where laws are in place and the reasons are everyday in front of your eyes.
We should not sit on our hands and expect Tesla to do everything for us.

Brian H | 20 juillet 2013

For condo developers, a sales inducement to a very motivated sub-segment of buyers should be persuasive!