New seating option for Model X

New seating option for Model X

This is great news for those of us looking for this to be a potential option.

Tâm | 27 septembre 2015


"great" in what context?

Tesla showed 7 seat configuration with all rear seats fold down.

Tesla reiterated that configuration with an e-mail.

Now, with your news, the second row can no longer be folded for additional depth of cargo storage.

How can it be "free" when you lose 1 seat? You should be financially compensated for that!

Your news does not increase the numbers of passengers nor increase in cargo space as we heard from Tesla with the prototype.

EternalChampion | 27 septembre 2015

It's great in that the open floor space is preferential to many of us with kids...and likely to those without.

The value proposition is something I'll let others quibble over.

grant10k | 27 septembre 2015

I'll quibble.

If the 6 seat configuration were cheaper than the 7 seat, then the seven seat configuration would no longer be standard.

If someone doesn't want the middle seat, they're just saving the buyer the hassle of removing the seat themselves.

If the middle seat has value, then get the 7 seat version and sell the middle seat for a profit. If the middle seat has no value, then it doesn't make sense to charge extra for someone who wants it.

EternalChampion | 27 septembre 2015

I believe the price is the same with either configuration.

aljjr2 | 27 septembre 2015

I would imagine that removing the center seat may have other issues... carpet, electrical or attachment issues.

If someone prefers the "3-adjustable bench" or the two seat configuration, then order what you need. I hope to see both on Tuesday.

SD in the OC | 28 septembre 2015

Love the 6 seat option. I just changed my order.

aesculus | 28 septembre 2015

I would suspect even if the 3 and 2 seats are the same, but with just the middle seat not installed, it could be a warranty/legal issue why you should not just remove the middle seat yourself.

Because the seat is a safety item, you would be potentially changing the safety aspects of the car. That could put you in a legal bind if the car got in an accident and their was a lawsuit, even if the seats where not necessarily related. Someone could try to prove you had no regard for the safety of the car as you 'purposefully' altered it from its design/production.

On the warranty side Tesla could claim you altered the care materially.

Whether either of these scenarios would ever play out are slim at best, but these days everyone usually falls to the safer side.

aaquino22 | 28 septembre 2015

Justifying the 6 seater would require either making the option cheaper or having better captain seat features such as a recliner option or the ability for it to swivel 180 degrees to face backwards. We'll find out soon enough.

Tâm | 28 septembre 2015


Mark Z has talked to his Delivery Specialist and all of what you mentioned are no go:

They are same seats but missing middle one, no better, no worse.

No reclining ability.

No swivel.

No facing backwards.

No arm rests.

No cheaper.

PhillyGal | 28 septembre 2015

Many people, for whatever reasons, love mini vans.
If this seating arrangement is popular in those and is relatively easy to offer, why not? Perhaps some minivan drivers will come over to the electric side.

greg.hammond | 28 septembre 2015

They are same seats but missing middle one, no better, no worse.
No reclining ability.
No swivel.
No facing backwards.
No arm rests.
No cheaper.

Am withholding judgment pending the reveal tomorrow evening, but if this holds up [and it certainly is trending that way], it will be a bit of a disappointment. One of the reasons that my partner and I pulled the trigger on a reservation was the intro video showing the near cavernous human and storage capacity of the X. I am not averse to paying a premium for leading edge tech, but it's a harder sell at the kitchen table for less functionality than a Honda Odyssey, Volvo XC90, or perish the thought, a Lincoln Navigator—at 2x or even 3x the cost.

EternalChampion | 28 septembre 2015

I'm still holding out hope that these seats have some unicorn magic rainbow traits like Elon suggested. So far, they just appear to be seats. WTF?

Tâm | 28 septembre 2015


These are not just seats!

See coverage below :

Second row seats
Musk has made it very clear that there is something special about the second row seats.

"They are the nicest second-row seats you've ever seen in any car ever," he said during the 2014 fourth-quarter earnings call. They are "a piece of sculptural beauty," he continued.

But Musk also said during the Q4 call the seats have been difficult to get right: "That actually might have been harder than the [falcon wing] door."

This sentiment about how problematic the seats have been continued even into the company's most recent quarterly earnings call.

"[O]ur biggest challenges are with the second row seat, which is, it's an amazing seat, like a sculptural work of art, but a very tricky thing to get right," Musk said during Tesla's second-quarter earnings call.

Was Tesla able to accomplish its vision for the second row without making any compromises?

pvetesla | 28 septembre 2015

I guess it's time to put your money where your mouth is. If you believe Elon messed up you should short the stock. If you believe in unicorns and rainbows double down and buy more stock before it shoots up again.

I'm hoping for unicorns and rainbows but I'm feeling a little nervous. We will all find out tomorrow evening. Can't wait!

carlk | 28 septembre 2015


Was Tesla able to accomplish its vision for the second row without making any compromises?

I think it will. But if it does not I will blame those impatient ones who constantly asking where is my X.

Tâm | 28 septembre 2015


Seating and cargo space are just 2 of many factors in a buying decision.

If you watched the results of 2 polls I conducted, there are more people who are pro-buys than anti-buys.

JimModelX | 28 septembre 2015

Just changed my order to the Six Seat interior option. For my needs this is great. I don't have kids yet but I agree this config is a bonus for that eventuality. I'm impressed they got this option out there so quickly. Very happy with the new seating option. One mans opinion.

Curious what a women may think? I asked my girlfriend - she thought the Six Seat option was rad.

Rajkrishnan9 | 28 septembre 2015

My kids like to sleep in the back so i always looked for continuous bench seat type

EternalChampion | 28 septembre 2015


I don't think the second row seats in the X are going to make or break TSLA. However, as Tam has pointed out, some grand exclamations were made by the CEO regarding said seats. I hope they don't disappoint.

For the record...I'm very bullish on TSLA, and I'm going long.

carlk | 28 septembre 2015


Seating and cargo space got a lot of attention but I agree they are just two of many factors. I think most people will buy anyway. There is still nothing that comes close even if it's just a bloated Model S. That said I still want to see them hit it out of the park though.

eric.zucker | 29 septembre 2015

I'll be going for the six seat option. This for me provides the best combination of space and utility:

- Either my dog, my Engel MT45 fridge/freezer can use the space between the second row seats.
- 3rd row seat passengers can benefit from maximum legroom.
- Access to the 3rd row is even easier.

The best is my wife and I will enjoy a more peaceful ride as this naturally creates a no mans land buffer zone between my two (pre-teen and teenage) boys.

If the middle 2nd row seat in the seven seat option is easily removable, then this could also work.

How long until 7PM PST? 14 hours and 55 minutes left...

fisher | 29 septembre 2015

does anyone know if the 3rd row seats can be folded down individually?

vandacca | 29 septembre 2015

Nope. 2nd row seats will not fold, transform or anything other than move forward/backwards. See this thread.

fisher | 29 septembre 2015

apologies for not being clear i was asking about the THIRD row

Ankit Mishra | 29 septembre 2015

Hahaha! read too fast, eh @vandacca?
Yes they fold. But not sure about invidually.

vandacca | 29 septembre 2015

My apologies @fisher, been seeing questions on the 2nd row for the past month and it's burned into my retinas.

The 3rd row seats definitely fold (as @Ankit Mishra pointed out) and I do believe they fold individually.

LauraTesla | 29 septembre 2015

@eric.zucker The streaming doesn't start until 8PT.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the seats, it would be nice if they would throw some fold up arms on the second row six seat option......quickly.

Tâm | 30 septembre 2015


Third row is a bench.

So the whole bench folds as one unified masterful piece.

sbeggs | 30 septembre 2015

Thanks for your tweets last night!

Tâm | 30 septembre 2015


You are welcome.

It was a blast!

jandvig | 1 octobre 2015

Judging from images from the launch, and comments, it appears the guys at tesla came up with some form of center console between the two 2nd row seats to act as armrests in the six seater config, and it looks like a great seating arrangement. However I'm still baffled that they wouldn't just make a middle seat in the 2nd row that folds forward, thus making this option available also to people opting for seven seats when needed and armrests when not. The back of the middle seat, when folded, could even act as attatchment point for an internal carrier compartment (like the push through ski-bags in other Carr - only sturdier). Folding one of the 3rd row seats and just the middle of the 2nd row you could carry all the skis, surfboards and gear you want in addition to five People. Easy, TESLA - make it happen!

sosmerc | 1 octobre 2015

Talked with the owner of a new Ford Transit passenger van today. He was transporting a biking club, but uses the van for a number of different activities. He loves the van because the seats can easily be removed (1/2 section) at a time such that he can configure the seating (or remove it entirely) depending upon the mission. I don't see why Tesla could not have come up with the flexiblity of removable second and third row seats. Heck, each seat could be an individual bucket seat and be removable one at a time as needed. How slick that would be !

madodel | 1 octobre 2015

I asked a Tesla sales person today about a console between the 2 second row seats in the 6 seat version. That was on Elon's car and was custom made. The 6 seat version just has carpet between the two seats. I'm sure there will be after market console available or perhaps a removeable one available from Tesla. | 2 octobre 2015

@Tâm "Third row is a bench."

No. It's two seats where each one can be individually be laid down flat. Unlike the S, these seats do create a flat area. The back of the 3rd row seats are carpeted similar to the Model S. In addition there are metal tie-down hooks, one on each seat and two in the trunk area.

Tâm | 2 octobre 2015

I stand corrected. Thanks to your correction, now that I tried to remember back: I was wrong and third row seats are NOT a bench.

They are individual seats as you pointed out.

Mark Z | 2 octobre 2015

One misconception a week ago was that the 2nd row moved together like a bench. That is what my Tesla advisor told me on the phone. The good part of the Tesla Motors Model X Launch event was seeing the seats in operation. They move independently, yet appear to move together if needed. It almost seemed confusing. Could an arm get caught? Some of my photos may answer that:

It is the appearance of the solid black reflective plastic seat back that makes having three seats seem oppressive from the 3rd row. If the color was the same as the seats, then it might help give the cabin a brighter look in white or tan. The good thing about the dark seat back are the reflections that can occur on the inside windows. Model S has worked well with the matte finish on the seat back. The jury is out on the highly reflective plastic.

Everyone should order what they need and want, not what others think. If you do want advice, then ask your passengers. They are the ones who will be sitting in Model X, so they should provide their opinions if they want a separate seat, or to sit next to each other.

Mark Z | 4 octobre 2015

Because of the importance of this information for the decision of the Six or Seven Seat Interior, I will post it here as well.

Look at the end of this video to see the hidden arm rest in the center seat:

Original link at TMC: