New Supercharger in Truckee Ca.

New Supercharger in Truckee Ca.

Tesla Fans great news Tesla is nearly done with the Truckee Supercharger! Whats next ?


Thanks to Detlefo for the image.

mclary | 13 août 2014

Doesn't even look close to being finished.

jim b | 13 août 2014

Where in Truckee?

Blueshift | 13 août 2014

You can zoom in on the location using

porktornado | 13 août 2014

first post.

This is incredibly exciting. As a Bay Area Native this buildout is the last remaining desired SC location in the area. Cannot wait to pick up my red MS on the 6th.

kwoo4424 | 14 août 2014

Looks like SC are left of And behind the Verizon store left of Safeway...Great news.

Brian H | 14 août 2014

Scots adage: "Fools and bairns shul nae see unfinished werk."

Baribrotzer | 14 août 2014

@ mclary: Doesn't even look close to being finished.

Looks very close to me. All that remains is to install the panels and cords on the last few charging stations, build the fence around the power electronics, connect to the grid, do a bit of landscaping, and clean up. Less than a week's work, I'd guess.