New York Auto Show

New York Auto Show

Has anyone heard whether the Model S is going to be at this year's New York Auto Show?

Brian H | 3 avril 2012

The site doesn't show TM as an exhibitor:

Schlermie | 3 avril 2012

Tesla has tended to shy away from the auto shows, although they had a presence at CES!

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 4 avril 2012

I emailed asking about the NY Auto Show... they are skipping. Too bad, as I was hoping to get a closer look at the car!

NJS1207 | 4 avril 2012

Yes, it would have been great to see the Model S there. Last year the NY auto show had a small track set up where you could drive a few EV offerings. I suppose it was too much to hope we would see a Model S there this year. Waiting is the hardest part.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 5 avril 2012

What really surprises me about them skipping NY is missing the number of high net worth car fanatic attendees in the NY metro area who would have gotten a close up look at the car, and then walked the few blocks to the store to put a deposit down. Oh well.

Discoducky | 5 avril 2012

Well Fiskar is dropping bombs though:

I'm happy they are skipping the normal car events and moving to more tech heavy events or just allowing people to visit their stores.

Jason S | 5 avril 2012

Next year. Bunch of happy model S people walking around, bunch of great reviews for it, show off the S and X.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 9 avril 2012

By next year I expect they will have the S, X and something else in the works.

Brian H | 9 avril 2012

Which do you think will come first, the cabriolet or the van?

stephen.pace | 9 avril 2012

Very interesting question. If battery prices don't drop enough by 2016, I could see a low volume 'Roadster 3.0' as they look at material cost to make Bluestar a low-cost reality. After reading the articles on delivery vans and the recent comments from FedEx, I agree that could be an interesting sideline, but the problem with that is it doesn't really fit the brand image. I'd rather see Tesla sell the battery and motor to someone else to make the vans (similar to RAV4 EV). Revenue, but no branded offering.

If battery technology (and price!) gets there after Model X, I'd rather see them jump right to Bluestar. But we still have a ways to go before a 300 mile range $35k offering.

Brian H | 9 avril 2012

Well, there are pix about showing the convertible and van on the S platform as variants to be expected ...

andrewmfallon | 9 avril 2012

Pickup trucks are so popular in this country. I would suspect the all wheel drive platform would be ideal. And the 160 mile battery would work. There has to be a Tesla pickup in the near future.

stephen.pace | 10 avril 2012

@Brian H: I assume you are referring to this slide from the Tesla IPO presentation from June 2010?

If so, I stick with my prediction. :-)

This is the type of van I was referring to:

That is, Tesla supplies the batteries, but others build the vehicle. That way, Tesla maintains its 'premium electric vehicle' brand.

One more thing. I assume Bluestar will have a smaller BMW 3 series sized skateboard. If so, is this skateboard small enough to also work for Roadster 3.0? Or would future Roadster need an even smaller platform? I assume any future Roadster will not look anything Lotus-like, so there would be a lot of flexibility in the final look. I love the idea and cost savings of platform reuse. And now with the option of dual motors instead of just one, you could have one crazy supercar.

Brian H | 10 avril 2012

yes, I'm not sure what the status of the Freightliner van is; haven't heard much more about it. Given Elon's love for both vertical integration and selling drive trains, I expect TM will do both.

Robert.Boston | 11 avril 2012

@stephen.pace: I agree that the GenIII will be on a new, smaller skateboard. My guess is that Tesla will craft the GenIII skateboard as the base for both its new ~$35k (base) sedan and the Roadster 3. Any other approach puts the engineering cost for the Roadster 3 out of reach.

JohhnyS | 11 avril 2012

Office Depot is using electric vans to deliver in Southern California. Mercedes has the Sprinter van, why not Tesla? Fleet sales could be a good market.

BYT | 11 avril 2012

@jmatson@sbc, Tesla is not big enough to fill the orders for the 20k Model S' cars yet let alone a fleet for Office Depot. TM is a growing company and will get there soon enough.

Volker.Berlin | 14 avril 2012

Elon has recently been explicit that Tesla is going to do Bluestar before Roadster 3.0. The technology is there (will be in time) and Bluestar is currently more important for Tesla's future and mission. Roadster 3.0 will be right after that, and if I understand his comment correctly, there will be no other model between Model X and Bluestar.