Norway: Insurance

Norway: Insurance

Has anyone in Norway been quoted car insurance for the Model S Performance?
If so, who with and how much?

HaraldH | 10 février 2013 has The Model S in its inventory

GeirT | 10 février 2013

@ HaraldH

Tried their 'calculator' and even got a quote. Feel my Gjensidige relationship should give an improvement to that and will give them a call. Nevertheless, goods to see that some general preparation is going in here in Norway, despite months and months aways from deliveries...

glaserud | 10 février 2013

Gjensidige also has Model S. You can choose variant (performance, signature, etc.). Gjensidige w/discounts is between 2k and 4k more per year than tryg when I tried.

MCB | 11 février 2013

Thats good news for me and all other Norwegians! :) I pay annual 4k NOK approx. 720USD) for my BMW 520IA today with 70%, full liability & 100% coverage on the car. I wonder what the price would be to get the same insurance for the equivilant BMW M5? fyttirakkern ;)

P85_Norway | 11 février 2013

Mye informasjon på
Her om forsikring av model S,6424.0.html