OTA Firmware Update 1.13.16

OTA Firmware Update 1.13.16

Just installed 1.13.16 and it has some features people will like:

Volume is still 1-11, but now has finer settings in between
Driver profiles are enabled
There's now a button to turn traffic on/off in maps
I noticed a few other minor things as well.

Nice job Tesla! Hoping the next update lets us program the time to start charging...

EcLectric | 9 octobre 2012

Wow! Those first two were #1 and #2 on my list! Looking forward to my Model S even more!

BYT | 9 octobre 2012

Thanks for sharing Scott!!

jat | 9 octobre 2012

Can you clarify what settings are kept per driver profile?

ScottM | 9 octobre 2012

There's a more detailed discussion on the latest firmware update, including your question, on the Punch List topic. I hadn't noticed that when I posted.

mikeadams | 9 octobre 2012

Someone I know that recently received their car indicated that they very much would like to further dim or turn off their display all together at night. Anyone know if this is planned/wishlist or maybe it is already there and just not obvious how to do?

bfranks273 | 9 octobre 2012

A new software update will be available in the coming days. The onboard notification will guide you through the installation. If you would like to review the process, instructions are available at the end of this email.

After installation, Model S will feature Driver Profiles, new settings for Creep and Mobile App Access, and functional improvements to the interface for door locks, maps, and audio volume.

Driver Profiles (New Feature)
The Driver Profiles feature remembers and restores positions for the driver's seat, side view mirror, and steering wheel. It also tracks the preferences listed below.

Steering Mode
Regenerative Braking
Mirror Auto-Tilt
Instrument Panel Layout LIGHTS & LOCKS
Daytime Running Lights
Fog Lights
Headlights After Exit
Drive-Away Door Lock
Walk-Away Door Lock FORMAT & UNITS
Time Format
Temperature Units
Charging Units
Range Display MAPS
Map Magnification
Show Traffic

Add New Driver

A new icon, located to the left of the Tesla "T" in the Touchscreen status bar, indicates the active Driver Profile. When you've named and saved a driver profile, that name will appear next to the icon.

When you first make adjustments to either your steering wheel position or driver's seat, Model S will prompt you via the Touchscreen to create a new profile. Tap the drop-down menu to open the Driver Profile window.

Tap "Add New Driver", enter a name, and tap "Create Profile". Adjust seat, mirror, and steering wheel position as needed. Tap SAVE to save the adjustments you have made.

Alternatively, you can create a profile by going to Controls > Settings > Driver Profiles.

Once a profile has been created, each time you make an adjustment to the steering wheel position or driver's seat, a drop-down menu will prompt you to save the new position or restore the previously saved position. In contrast, changes made to any of the other driver preferences listed above will be saved automatically.

If you lend your car to a friend, make sure they don't tap the SAVE button when they adjust the seat or steering wheel. Note that any changes they make to the driver preferences (listed above) will be saved.

The drop-down will disappear after 5 seconds of inactivity. While adjusting the driver's side mirror does not trigger the drop-down, tapping the Driver Profile icon > SAVE will save the current driver's seat / steering wheel / mirror positions. Alternatively, you can tap RESTORE to go back to the last saved position.

Switch Between Saved Profiles
Model S will save up to 10 Driver Profiles and each will be available regardless of the key used to unlock and drive the vehicle.
To switch profiles, tap the Driver Profile icon in the status bar and select among the list of saved profiles.

Once a profile has been selected, all the settings associated with that profile will be applied. The seat, mirror, and steering column will move to the saved positions. If you adjust your seat or steering wheel while Model S changes from one profile to the next, the sequence will stop.

If you have selected a profile in error, you can tap STOP to end the transition, then select the intended profile.

Creep (New Setting)
When this setting is enabled, Model S will slowly move forward while in Drive or backward while in Reverse when the brake pedal is released, the same way a car with an automatic transmission does. You will find this setting in Controls > Driving. Note that the Creep setting can be adjusted only when the car is in Park.

Traffic Button in Maps (Functional Improvement)
A Traffic button is now available in the Maps app to make it easier to turn on/off traffic display.

Volume Modulation (Functional Improvement)
We've added more resolution to the volume control to give the driver greater command over audio levels.

Lock/Unlock Buttons (Functional Improvement)
The lock and unlock buttons have been separated to provide easier access to the function.

Mobile App Remote Access (New Setting)
This setting prepares Model S for communication with forthcoming mobile applications that will enable you to remotely check status and control some functions of your Model S. No apps are available yet. You will find this setting in Controls > Settings > Vehicle.

Software Updates
Model S updates its software wirelessly, providing new functionality throughout your term of ownership. The process to install these enhancements is outlined below.

Onboard Notification
The first time you enter your Model S after an update is made available, you will be shown a scheduling dialogue box. You can install immediately, confirm the suggested time, or schedule an alternate time. Once scheduled, the icon will change color from yellow (unscheduled) to white (scheduled). At any point before installation begins, you can re-schedule the installation.

IMPORTANT: Model S must be in Park and not driving when new software is being installed. A software update can take up to 2 hours to complete so be sure to select a time when the car can sit idle for this period.

If your car is charging when the update is scheduled, charging will temporarily stop and restart after the software is installed. If you are driving when the installation is scheduled, the installation will be cancelled.

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gimp_dad | 9 octobre 2012

@ write.mikeadams The screen can be setup to dim at night. It is in the control panel under "Display" settings. You can set up how much dimming both day and night or leave it all on auto.