I am curious as to what type of people the reservation holders are. Let's share some personal information while we wait for our babies to come.
I am a 48 year old internist. I have been in practice in Gurnee Il for 20 years. Married, 2 teen boys. My hobby is building wooden ship models. I drive a Chevy Volt. Now you know!

ricketts0 | 29 mai 2014

Really interesting thread! I'm not an MS owner just yet, but planning on making my deposit within the month. I'm a 41 y.o. veterinarian in CA with a wife (who doesn't understand yet why I need this car) and two kids.

I'm nervous about the perception that clients and staff will have of me after I get it, so it's interesting to see who else is out there!

amatiych | 29 mai 2014

39 year old. Hedge Fund technology / risk guy. Married with 2 kids (12 and almost 4). Live in New York. Currently driving RX350 and counting days to delivery of MS (53 days).

The worst thing about buying MS is that it makes you think about your current perfectly nice luxury car as something completely subpar but forces you to drive it for two months.

NKYTA | 29 mai 2014

@amatiych, risk guy, and those two months you are taking more risk if not in an MS!

NKYTA | 29 mai 2014

Forgot the extra...

judimasters | 29 mai 2014

@ I too am a single nurse. I am 57. I have been a surgical nurse for many many years. I traded my 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca for my beautiful ride. I too have no other vehicle. I wouldn't consider an ICE! I have had my blue beauty for 10 months and have a little over 10,000 miles on it. Gotta love it, GRIN!

GAGSTESLA | 29 mai 2014

58, kids grown up and out of the house. Construction. Turned the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V coup into a garage queen. I would imagine in 10 years (if that) no one will know how to drive a real stick shift.

Kondo | 29 mai 2014

62 year old retired but now a high school golf coach for both girls and boys. (2nd in Arizona last weekend) Married for 39 years. Current cars 2009 Pontiac GXP with 46,000 and a blast. 2002 Corvette Convertible with 14,500 miles. I don't drive the vette much but to the course because the GXP is a 4 door vette. The wife drives a 2003 Ford Explorer. She said I could get the Model S when I sold my 2 cars. They go on the block next week and my order for a P is ready to go. I looked at the size of the cars and the GXP and Model S are almost identical and I love the size of the Pontiac. I have solar on the house already in Goodyear Arizona and with 3 V8 premium gas guzzlers I had better do my part.

My first computer was a Commodore CBM with software in 1980 was $8700 which was like a model S then. IBM was not the standard yet but technology was always an interest. Spent from 84 to 2002 self employed with diagnostic medical software, I finally gave up and spent the next 10 years as president of a non profit (MS). Arizona and Tesla are perfect for one another, can't wait to hit the send button.

Tesla Dad | 29 mai 2014

84 years old real estate developer...

amatiych | 29 mai 2014

Yes. But before I was ignorant of that. Ignorance is a bliss...

xrayangiodoc | 29 mai 2014

65yo retired Interventional Radiologist, married 44 years this June to the girl I sat behind in 10th grade home room! 3 grown children, 3 grandsons. I traded my 2002 Lexus LS430 Ultra Luxury in for my 85kWh Model S which was delivered 4/2/2014. We live in the Buffalo, NY suburbs and still have a 2008 Prius which we use when a road trip just can't work for the Tesla. We also have a 2004 Lexus RX330 which is important during our winters (especially the last one!).

sklancha | 30 mai 2014

@judimasters. Glad to see that I am not the only nurse genius out here ;)

Do you get all the free lunch invites, or unsolicited offers to take you to plug in your car?

My CRAZIEST new development, I just was approved to get compensated gas mileage to use my Tesla instead of the company vehicle!

I learned that quasi-public charging stations have the most liberal policies for Tesla-owners (apparently looks good to have a Tesla at their station). It is like going to a restricted club, and letting them know that Oprah Winfrey is with you.

It is hard to be humble and excited, when the rest of the world finds it equally exciting.

BiffandSully | 30 mai 2014

42 yr old palliative medicine physician (yes I specialize in death and dying) practicing in an urban area married to a 45 yr old internist practicing in a small town. I'm the one who has pushed for the car and I'll drive it most of the time. My husband is sheepish about driving such an expensive car and even at 6' tall is perfectly happy commuting in his Honda Fit.

I now drive a completely adequate VW Jetta TDI @ 150k miles (will be sold) and an 04 Honda Pilot @135k miles (used by the babysitter). Never owned a luxury car, never planned to. Three boys ages 11, 10 and 6. Sure hoping I get a couple good years of use out of the rear seats for the 6 year old. He's the car guy in the family -- constantly pointing out cool Camaros, Corvettes and Mustangs on the road :)

I'm very excited (delivery June 27 then to Xpel), but have to admit thinking about that sticker price makes me queasy. Just got the invoice yesterday from the delivery specialist and that makes it real!!

TonyR63 | 30 mai 2014

I'll be ordering my MS this fall. I am a science teacher at a small boarding school near Sedona, AZ. I'm from Maine and moved out here for the job. I have 3 vehicles - a 1993 250 diesel truck I used, when I was a horse-logger in Maine (I made $1.00 an hour for 8 mo.), a 1996 Ford Aspire, which is my snow car for when I take ski trips. My latest is a Mazda MX-5 Mazdaspeed with turbo boost, etc.(fun to drive). I have never had a high-end car (wanted a Porshe, but not anymore).

I teach Ecology. I am a rabid environmentalist and lived a low carbon sustainable lifestyle at my farm, which I built, in Maine - composting toilet,Low energy use, raised my own food animals and grew organic veggies, etc. and have wanted an EV for a long time. When Tesla first came out, I wanted one. I am now in a position that I can buy a model S. This is a technology I believe in. Eventually, I will put in a solar/wind system at my farm in Maine, when I retire. (I have to put that off, so I can pay off the loan for the MS.

I think that's enough; I've go on way too long.

Thank you,


docdac | 30 mai 2014

I am a 57yo radiologist. Formerly an electical engineer with Texas Instruments (in a previous lifetime).

TonyR63 | 30 mai 2014

Oops. Should be, "I've gone on way too long."

bobrobert | 30 mai 2014

63 y/o retired firehouse paramedic, psyche balanced by concurrent avocation in ballet (age demanded that I surrender my tights as well as my bunker boots.) Know the real, worship the ideal. I could afford the MS only because I don't spend before prolonged suffering and remaining overwhelmed by the object of desire.

Brian H | 30 mai 2014

A CPM? Missed the Vic 20 and Commodore 64 and 128, huh? Newbie. ;p

Brian H | 30 mai 2014

Oops. ↑ @dkondo6

ScoobyDoo | 30 mai 2014

50 year's old, male, married with two high school aged boys. Currently, Sr. Director Technology and Architecture. My current ride is a 2012 Prius C, which I intend to pass to my youngest son who will turn 16 in the fall. No way he's driving the MS.

BiffandSully | 31 mai 2014

"I don't spend before prolonged suffering and remaining overwhelmed by the object of desire."

+1 bobrobert, love this. Appreciate your elegance with the written word on this and other posts.

Soothsayer | 31 mai 2014

74 year old retired judge. Married for 21 years to my CPA wife.

Have owned multiple Ferraris and Porches, just sold my Aston Martin DB9, and have owned Corvettes, BMWs Mercedes and way too many others. Used to race sports cars. I guess I'm a gearhead. Now I'm age limited to playing golf. Presently driving my 2000 GMC Sierra and a 2008 Honda Accord while awaiting delivery of our MS, scheduled for June 14th. ICE cars already look a bit crude to me.

txakoli | 31 mai 2014

60 year old retired aerospace structural engineer, 30+ years at Northrop Grumman. I used to work at the NG plant in Hawthorne, CA, now occupied by Space X.

Currently driving a 2006 Lexus IS350. Previous rides include Porsche, BMW, Volvo, and a Citroën BX, which I drove when I worked in Spain in the 1980s. The Lexus will be replaced by a S85, which arrives in August.

karmamule | 31 mai 2014

52 year old application architect/developer working in the financial industry. Recently single again, and after realizing I could afford a Tesla with what I used to be paying for two cars I just ordered last week.

Previously drove various hybrids for many years before that, from (original) Honda Insight to '04 Prius, Nissan Altima hybrid, then Ford Fusion hybrid. Took a break from hybrids and am currently driving a Volvo C70. Looking to atone for my ICE indulgence with my Model S! ;-)

couchaj | 31 mai 2014

38 year old Navy JAG officer. I've been in the military for 19 yrs and 10 months. Divorced father of 1. I drove a Jaguar XF Supercharged before ordering my Tesla.

AndyO | 31 mai 2014

63 years old, retired for a year. Two kids are out on their own. BSEE degree from way back when. Worked in a university data center for 40 years, yeah the same one. Had lots of jobs over the years - data communications, operations, programming, management, hardware infrastructure.

The luckiest thing to happen to me lately was when my wife was off from work on the day I got the MS test drive scheduled at the then new St Augustine Supercharger just three months ago. Lucky for me she loved it too. My first car was a 1962 Volvo that I nearly wore the wheels off of. Last car was a BMW 540 before the P85. Nothing in between was exotic. The MS is a dream car for me. I love figuring out how it works.

Oh, I maybe mentioned elsewhere but I built a Tesla coil as a science fair project in the mid 1960's. I've been a fan of Tesla, the man, ever since and of Tesla, the car company, since I first saw the Roadster in a video. I still can't believe I own one.

CarlG | 31 mai 2014

61 yo ENT physician. Married 33 y with one son. Love golf and studying wine and French. I can't wait to stop supporting the oil industry and will be installing solar panels soon. Currently drive a 2013 BMW 640i convertible. I'll let it go after lease is done.

Red Sage ca us | 31 mai 2014

WHO ARE YOU? Red Sage, AKA Red X-Sage, AKA Red Ronin: The Cybernetic Samurai, AKA Whatzisnameoverthere...?

WHAT DO YOU WANT? I just want to have fun.

WHO DO YOU TRUST? Elon Musk, of course.

WHOM DO YOU SERVE? The People of Earth.


I will reach 47 Years of age in July. My favorite color is RED. Most people find my name unpronounceable, so they give up and call me 'Ron'.

Never been married. No children. Amazed that multiple people in my Family who are younger than me are already Grandparents many times over.

I have a natural talent for art. I've been drawing literally all my life. From the first time I picked up a pencil, or crayon, or drew in the sand or mud with my finger or a stick.

I have a natural affinity for using computers. I love videogames too. I adore computer graphics for most any application. I'm self-taught in computer graphics and rendering: vector, raster and anything else digital, whether 2D or 3D.

To me, math and science are just another excuse to draw pretty pictures. I've worked in architecture, though I was trained primarily in mechanical drafting. Computer Aided Drafting/Design as well as Desktop Publishing came to me naturally as well. Over time my skills expanded and I've built websites, designed logos, made flyers, drawn portraits and landscapes.

One of these days I really should go ahead and make that series of comic books I've had in mind for the past 20 years or so...

I imagine better things for the world.

I love the old 'Thunderbirds' show in SUPERMARIONATION. I was oh, so disappointed to learn that real world mechanisms were not quite so awesome.

By the time I learned we had gone to the Moon, we weren't going anymore. A real shame we haven't been to Mars yet. I think it sucks that the Space Shuttle was renamed to 'Orbiter' and no one noticed, or remembered, that it was originally supposed to shuttle materials from a new space station in high Earth orbit to the Moon, to build a space station... And that was supposed to be a jumping off point to Mars.

I've always loved cars from The Flinstones' Four Foot Drive to The Munster Koach, and the Batmobile to Speed Racer's Mach V.

The Tesla Model S is an absolute dream come true for me. I have waited for something like this my whole life. To see that someone has finally made the complete effort to prove the possibilities of what I felt in my heart decades ago astounds me. Some might say that I'm obsessed, but they only just noticed. I've had this obsession since childhood, it was just pushed onto the back burner of my desires. So now, with the light shown upon the automotive industry by Tesla Motors, the fire of my desire for electric cars is stoked fully and the furnace will not burn low ever again.

Unta Glebin Gloutin Globin,

Red Sage

DAB | 31 mai 2014

Under 30. Attorney. Wife, but no kids - not in a rush for those like the rest of my friends. This will be my first new car purchase. All previous cars (Toyota, Subaru) have been used and probably worth less than the deposit I put down, haha.

Brian H | 1 juin 2014

Don't wait too long! The longer you wait to have kids, the more mutations accumulate in your DNA, and the weirder your kids are likely to be.

sbeggs | 1 juin 2014

@Brian H, do you know this from your own personal experience with your own kids?!

NomoDinos | 1 juin 2014

Brian - I was kinda hoping my kid would get some sweet mutant powers, so I waited until 34. I saw a documentary on the phenomenon at the movie theater the other day. Unfortunately my daughter's only superpower is bending me around her little finger.

amitb00 | 1 juin 2014

Will be 45 in June in next few days. Married for 19 years with three kids. Eldest is 16, is on permit and drives my Stela. She might be the youngest Model S driver . I am Director of Eng in a software company so am a tech person. Enjoy Tesla a lot.

Mathew98 | 1 juin 2014

@Brian - I totally disagree with your premise. I have four kids and each of the younger sibling is smarter than the elder ones. My eldest and dumbest kid is a teenager whose IQ is145.

bobrobert | 1 juin 2014

@Red Sage, I had imagined a Scotsman, complete with great chest & huge mustache. So.. 'Red Sage' = 'Flaming Wisdom,' or that herbal treatment for the mouth? :)
"I imagine better things for the world," but "Unta Glebin Gloutin Globin?" Dust off the old Beatles song, 'Imagine,' which reassures that 'you're not the only one.'

bobrobert | 1 juin 2014

@sklancha, @judimasters, it begins to feel like family in here - I grew up with a sister who also matured into a nurse genius, now in quality control at a huge Atlanta hospital, with the requisite authority. I've not always happily measured other ladies with her as standard, but one hopes, or quits measuring. I don't play cards with her anymore, though - what's the point when it's a given that she's gonna win.

Red Sage ca us | 1 juin 2014

bobrobert: I came of age in the 1980s, so I love a lot of British bands. The Police and The Beatles hold particularly fond places in my heart. But Def Leppard's HYSTERIA is basically the Soundtrack of My Life.

John Lennon's 'IMAGINE' is the song that would run over the ending titles, while Billy Idol's 'HOT IN THE CITY' is my current theme song. When I grow up, some day, my theme song will instead be 'WHEN I GET OLD' by THE DESCENDENTS, even though they aren't British, to the best of my knowledge.

'Flaming Wisdom', I like the sound of that! Definitely better than 'Fargin Bastidge', for sure.

I certainly hope that some day the world will live as one.

renwo S alset | 1 juin 2014

I was going to post something, but after Red Sage's effort, it would only worsen my inferiority complex.

bobrobert | 1 juin 2014

Red Sage, despite my firehouse haircut I remained an undercover hippy, this even though a marriage long long ago divorced me from pop music. Pure classical now, if I could only get Slacker to play a piece through its completion.
Now there's Tesla, drawing people who've always made the world a better place, leading without wanting to rule. Same principle as planting flower gardens - the more there are the fresher the air and healthier the people, and the more beautiful the world itself is, like a fractal developing from hidden order in nature.
Or maybe I'm kissing up to Elon, trying to get free alignments.

jamie@ | 1 juin 2014

Female ... turned 50 ... no interest in the gas guzzling traditional sports cars my teenagers kept suggesting ... happy with a reliable GL350 diesel and great Mercedes service (in our town). Entrepreneurial - successful and hard working ... drawn to technology that syncs to my iPhone ... heavily invested in alternative energies in my homes-- geo therm and solar panels. Model S was an easy "YES." Just passed the first 1,000 miles and I absolutely love the car (and so do my teenagers)!

Summer Weekends I am paddle boarding on the lake with my kids and dogs. Winters weekends - skiing or snow shoe hiking.

golftoday | 1 juin 2014

65 year old owner of a software company I founded in 1987. Also involved in investment real estate and try to play golf several times a week. Been married 38 years, and we have one son. We divide our time between Connecticut (spring and fall) and Los Angeles (summer and winter).

Before my Model S I drove a Nissan Leaf for 19 months. Before that a Lexus, Acura, BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes, etc. My wife is on her 4th Prius. My son drives a Leaf.

I've taken several road trips in my MS 85, the longest from Los Angeles to CT primarily using the supercharger trail.

jamesrm | 1 juin 2014

30, entrepreneur, medical field. Getting rid of the Prius for a demo S 85. When I need more range, I will fly my Cirrus Turbo.

sklancha | 1 juin 2014

@Amitb00- I think we got you on the youngest- my 15 year old just drove FOR HER FIRST TIME EVER, using my MS 85! OK- so it was only for an hour and only in an empty parking lot, but don't think my heart wasn't racing! LOL.

sklancha | 1 juin 2014

@BobRobert- thanks for the kind words. Just remember that you can only presume that a nurse if a genius if it is family or owns a Tesla :)

amitb00 | 2 juin 2014

@sklancha: Glad to see that. Some time back I had posted a thread about youngest Tesla driver and no one responded with a lower age. I was assuming that my daughter is the youngest Tesla driver. I will let her know that her name was in Guiness Book just for two months and crown has been moved to junior sklancha :-)
Cheers, Amit

Grinnin'.VA | 2 juin 2014

Almost 75 years old.
Started life in a poor family. Went to college in AFROTC program.
AF sent me to grad school twice: M.S. in physics and Ph.D. in industrial engineering.
Stayed in the AF for 20 years; retired; worked in communications engineering for rest of my professional career. Ended up neither poor nor wealthy.

Lived a frugal life until recent years.
Never spent more than $40K for a car.
My MS will replace a 7-year-old Prius.
Still frugal in my way: no sun roof, no 21" wheels, no performance package.
Did get 85KW battery and tech package.
(Wouldn't want to give up the 'nice' features of my Prius.)

Excited to get my Tesla with all the zip I can use safely and more.
Tesla is a great car and a great company.
Downside: I have to wait until October to get my MS.

Keep grinning!

SCCRENDO | 2 juin 2014

61 yr old endocrinologist. Married 32 years. 3 kids. 1 grandson. 14 months 35000 miles. 13kw solar panels on my roof. Avid fitness fanatic, including recent marathons and half-iron man triathlons. Trying to do my bit to save the environment. Try keep my comments within my fields of knowledge unlike Brian who has progressed from syntax and spelling through advising on a car he doesn't own to now providing unsolicited medical advice. This time he may be partially correct in that the aging ovary is subject to more genetic malformations. Less so in the male but does occur.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 2 juin 2014

66, married 43 years, one child - also married. Love my wife, my daughter, my son-in-law and of course my Model S, Sparky. SoCal resident, Silicon Valley and NYC/Tri-State traveler. Wishing that Tesla would become a more frequent and less expensive rental option so I can continue The Revolution when on the road.

Off ICE | 2 juin 2014

Just celebrated my 50th birthday. MS Arriving in 2 weeks! Married 25 years 2 great kids. I own a granite fabrication business

nide | 3 juin 2014

44 yr old serial entrepreneur in Sweden, married 8 yrs, 2 boys, 7 and 9. Climber, diver, reader of anything I can get my hands on, writer of all sorts of software you have probably used directly or indirectly at one point or the other. Waiting for my S85 which should arrive in September (being on the wrong side of the Atlantic sucks). Considering moving to SoCal in a year or two but I guess I'll just have to get a new one then.