Paint Color Switch

Paint Color Switch

I'm trying to change my exterior color selection after completing my preliminary MVPA, but before completing my final MVPA. I have no Delivery button and no VIN.

Has anyone done this successfully? Thanks.

P8756 60 kWh Pearl White now, want to change to Silver.

DouglasR | 16 janvier 2013

Call now and ask. Don't wait for an answer here.

Getting Amped Again | 16 janvier 2013

Oh I did call and email right away, and my Product Specialist hasn't gotten back to me. Just wondering if there is a Snowball's Chance.

DouglasR | 16 janvier 2013

Even your Product Specialist probably needs to check with the factory to be sure. I think it's a bit of a crap shoot, depending on precisely where your car is in the process, and what things can still be changed at that point. I remember calling about adding a twin charger. It was before I had a VIN, but probably not by much. They called back and said if I decided right then, they could do it. I demurred (because they wouldn't sell me the Roadster adapter), and then it was too late. I kicked myself afterward.

GreenMachine13 | 16 janvier 2013

I was in the same boat. I asked if I would lose my spot in line(at least Tesla's version of a line). After some checking I was told that it might cost me a week or two. That I could possibly be moved from the first batch of 60kWh cars produced to the second. The color was so important that I chose to make the change and risk further delay. I called almost two weeks after I finalized and saw my original color in person. I have no delivery button or VIN.

garyrudolph | 16 janvier 2013

Yes, according to the marketing verbiage it's a "Perfect Match" ;)

Brian H | 17 janvier 2013

AFAIK, if there's no final MVPA yet, the order hasn't actually been placed. You should be fine.