Parking sensors, r they worth it?

Parking sensors, r they worth it?

I just placed my order for P85. Now time to second guess my order details. I did not spring for the parking sensors. I do not think I will need them BUT... front and rear "bumpers" might need extra protection. It is an expensive car so would you recommend I get them. Please advise me.

TikiMan | 7 septembre 2013

I would have gotten them, if they were offered originally. I've had them on my last three cars, before my MS, and they always took the stress out of parking. My bloodpressure goes up a bit more now when I have to park, however, if you are use to not having them, you will be fine.

Andercam | 7 septembre 2013

I have them... and love them.

bradslee | 7 septembre 2013

Like what TikiMan said, if you drove a car before in the similar size of MS and were used to parking that car, you could go by without the parking sensor. Otherwise, the parking sensor is highly recommended. When I bought my MS (2012 Model), the front parking sensor was not available and each time I park my MS into my garage, I have to be extremely careful (the blood pressure does go up a bit). Had the front parking sensor been available at the time when I ordered my MS, I would definitely add this option.

tomkist | 7 septembre 2013

We were not going to order them, but found a car in inventory that met our specs plus the parking sensors. Have had my car for 2 days, and a 1 week loaner without the sensors, and I love the sensors. Great for parking in public garages and lots to ensure that your back end doesn't stick out too far.

olanmills | 9 septembre 2013

I think the functionality is great (especially the visual display), and I also think the price is reasonable. I think they're worth it, except I would never get them because I can't stand those holes/bumps on the bumpers.

PaceyWhitter | 9 septembre 2013

The sensors very well implemented and are only visible close up and on lighter colored cars, (white, silver, MC red).

(I haven't seen them on gray, they might be visible there as well)

jonlivesay | 9 septembre 2013

I feel most of the helps from the car to be distracting. I like to get in and go, feel the car, learn the car and enjoy the ride. I learned to drive without them but I'm kind of old school.

John56 | 9 septembre 2013

I got my P85 in mid-Dec 2012 and added aftermarket front/rear sensors. I love them and they look and work great!

unclegeek | 9 septembre 2013

I intentionally waited to place my order until they became available.. glad I did. They are worth every penny.

earlyretirement | 9 septembre 2013

Yep. I reconfigured my car to get them and really enjoy them and use them all the time parallel parking at the beach. The car is both long and wide and they definitely come in handy.

Well worth the upgrade to me.

lissalovestesla | 9 septembre 2013

Just got my P85+ with the new config including the parking sensors... I absolutely love them (after 1 day of having the car). They even tell you the distance to the item it is sensing. Brilliant!

*heart* I love my model S even more than I ever expected...

mikefa | 9 septembre 2013

@John56 - how much moolah for installing the after market parking sensors?

mlnewman | 9 septembre 2013

For $500, they seem a very reasonably priced option. If they had been available when I ordered mine, I would have added them. The Ultra Super Duper Audio Extravaganza Package at $950 was similarly fair-priced, but at $2000+ price, not so much.

YMMV, but my opinion is, if you want the parking sensors, it's a good deal.


EVMD | 9 septembre 2013

For $500 don't even think about it

jeddi | 9 septembre 2013

For sure get it for $500. Apparently they're going to offer it soon to people who don't have it at a cost of $4,500!! So $500 is a bargain.

pdx4s | 9 septembre 2013

got my P85 on Friday: with the 5.0 SW rev, for $500 they are quite advanced and operate very well, I even got some low curbside warnings when parking in different places. So yes, get them. I still think that TM should have included them as standard addition for the P85. It is a wide-body car and better be safe than sorry.

thecherubs | 9 septembre 2013

To John56: I'm also interested for info on the aftermarket sensors about which you posted. Thank you. Jacob

sergiyz | 9 septembre 2013

One thing I've noticed is that they turn on automatically, even when you stop at a traffic light.
If a car behind you is close, it starts beeping, a bit annoying.
I've had parking sensors on the last 3 or 4 cars I've owned, and they are generally useful, but model S has a very good backup camera, that makes rear sensors pretty much redundant.

dborn | 9 septembre 2013

Sensors are great if you have neck problems. I use them for reversing distances, as well as my mirrors and camera, of course. I can manage 30 or 40 yard reverses easily using them as aids.

Brian H | 9 septembre 2013

You can ♥ with a PC; hold ALT, type 3 on the number pad. ;)

unclegeek | 9 septembre 2013

@sergiyz I wouldn't say redundant since the front sensors tell you if you're about to graze the car next to you in a parking space or that narrow garage opening you're trying to pull into.. they aren't as needed for the rear since you have the camera.. but still nice.

cwmenne | 9 septembre 2013

For those that wish they had the sensors for parking in their garage... I put a simple piece of duct tape on my garage floor and when I see it touching the bumper in the rear camera, I know that is where I stop and it keeps me within an inch or two of where I want to be, fore and aft. You can do it for pulling in forward and backing in. Works great. Doesn't help with street parking, but 90% of my accurate parking needs are in my garage and this works much better than the parking sensors did in my last car since this way I know exactly where the car is sitting relative to my garage door and back wall, where with the sensors, I only knew where I was for not hitting the wall and didn't do anything for telling me whether the garage door would hit the car or not. The camera is way better for this. Now I have more room behind the car since I don't need extra buffer room by the door.

inverts | 9 septembre 2013

Have not felt the need for them. With backup camera you can get within an inch of the obstacle, including signage poles, where I wonder whether the parking sensors will pick them up. Auto tilt on side mirrors gives you a second guide. For the front, you quickly develop a feel.

Then again, I learned driving in Europe, and drivers' ed is a different beast back there. Consider that you get a restriction in your license if you don't take the test on a manual transmission. Hardly anybody in the US knows how to execute a hill start on a stick car with hand break. Again, a must have skill to pass the test in Europe. [I mimic it in the MS by doing left foot breaking without creep; works very well after some adjusting to it.]

Last but not least, there is all the clamoring about the font license plate and how it mars the beauty of the bumper. But nobody seems to have second thoughts on drilling big holes in it to accommodate parking sensors! Sort of funny.

201w77 | 9 septembre 2013

So I reconfigured my order for these and paid a few thousand $$ more. Knowing what I know now, I would have purchased them for $500 but I have not been impressed with them enough to justify reconfiguring my order for them. (In other words, $500= yes... >$1,00=NO).

I'm very disappointed in the low sound volume and the fact that these dont seem to register/warn me of impending curbs. (I welcome other's experiences around curbs??) Additionally, between my rear camera and auto-tilt mirrors, I really don't use these to assist me as I back up. In terms of "close calls" independent of backing up, they would not protect me as the warning chimes are barely audible with music playing softly! Thus, one must really be looking for the warning lights and I would only typically do this when I am parking. They do help position the nose of my car to the correct distance from my garage so I may walk around easily. Outside of this, I consider them to be much more of a "nice-to-have" vs. a "need-to-have".