Performance Plus package

Performance Plus package

Anyone notice the performance plus package.
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rdalcanto | 8 mai 2013

I've driven a P85. At first, when I left, I said no way was I giving up my 911 for it because even with 21inch wheels, I felt like I was cornering a battleship. But then like a cancer, the memory of the acceleration with instant torque and no shifting started to gnaw at my brain. I test drove another P85 and was hooked, but didn't corner the car hard, so the difference between that and the 911 wasn't as strong. I ordered the P85+ because of the promise of "supercar handling." I just hope a year from now I don't miss the 911 so much that I take another big financial loss going back....

rdalcanto | 8 mai 2013

To add to what I just wrote - it is hard to be sure on a 10 minute test drive of someone else's car. No Tesla store anywhere near Salt Lake City. I appreciate the two owners letting me drive their cars, but I think I would need to drive them much longer to be a little more certain. At this point, I'm still going to jump in, but I am really looking forward to some P85+ reports in a couple days.

jnb | 8 mai 2013

Best solution: Keep them both! Then you don't have to worry.

rdalcanto | 8 mai 2013

If I had as much money as Elon I would!! :)

Brian H | 8 mai 2013

maybe apples and grapes?

Aleksandyr | 8 mai 2013

well I am jealous of those getting a p+ since the word is Elon rented the Maclaren for his engineers to test drive and compare to. He wants the care to be on super car status with maclaren. I hope he did it! Just wondering if I can get a loaner some day and never return it!

ian | 8 mai 2013

KOL- No worries. I just don't enjoy reading reports from disappointed owners who had drastically overblown expectatations. Not just of this product, but of any product. I see you're going into this with eyes wide open. Enjoy! And please come back and write up a report of you're impressions. Good or bad.

Same for you rdalcanto. I'm envious that you guys will have one sooner than me. I'm still trying to convince the wife an S would suit our needs and she's stuck on an X, but, ironically, still hates the falcon doors. UGH! First world problem for sure. ;-)

Also, if anyone actually believed Elon's statement that the P+ would make the S handle like a Mclaren I've got some ocean front property for sale in Montana for you. To say he tends toward exaggeration would be an understatement.

skymaster | 8 mai 2013


I should have a p+ here in Denver next week. You can drive out and test it if you want.

brian | 31 mai 2013

Anyone care to post a review of their experience of the Performance Plus Package vs one without? I am really curious here and have not found any side by side review comparisons. Am I missing something out there?

Brian H | 31 mai 2013

Very few people own both.

kornfeld | 15 août 2013

I have the p85+ model - just about 3 weeks now. I've had a number of M BMWs including M3 and M6.

My car handles poorly when taking a wide sweeping turn at speed (like an on/off ramp). The car rolls, and sort of oscillates a bit in the turn. Slight bumps in the pavement are sketchy.

Maybe I shouldn't compare the Tesla to a sporty car like an M3? But, it's nowhere close to the M3's handling (or braking for that matter).

Or, is there something wrong with the car? I'm going to take it in to the service center for a few minor items, and will mention this. But I sort of think that the car is more boat that car.