Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-tracking progress

Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-tracking progress

I signed yesterday and were up to 2400. I sent the link and a message to my friends and family, hopefully a few will sign it. I suggest all of us on the forum do the same!

Andrew Savin

kback | 2 juillet 2013

Did it!!!!!

AtlantaCourier | 2 juillet 2013


ENGINEER | 2 juillet 2013

100,008 at 10:57!

herkimer | 2 juillet 2013

And we have liftoff!

MCGRATH | 2 juillet 2013


jk2014 | 2 juillet 2013


Only guy clapping in the middle of a dozen baffled pedestrians walking by on the street. Awkward and so f**king amazing at the same time. Truly unbeleivable! Thanks to all that's supported and signed the petition!

Bighorn | 2 juillet 2013

Hot damn!

SamO | 2 juillet 2013

How many signatures will it get, overall?

nickjhowe | 2 juillet 2013

Congrats everyone.

tobi_ger | 2 juillet 2013

Yeahh! Great job everyone!

jonesxander | 2 juillet 2013


cloroxbb | 2 juillet 2013

All this does is get a response from Obama correct? Won't automatically change anything, or am I misunderstanding it?

ENGINEER | 2 juillet 2013

Interesting that the 100,000th person to sign was 'T.P. from Houston, Texas,' the state that banned the company from sales.

Tesla-David | 2 juillet 2013

Congratulations to all Tesla Lovers out there, we did it and we did it with real gusto! I love this Forum and the enthusism of Tesla fanatics. Everything about this company and Elon Musk rocks big time!

martijn | 2 juillet 2013

+ 111 @ can I stop counting now?
Cheers everyone !!

tobi_ger | 2 juillet 2013

When will this thread reach 1,000? :)

bigez1 | 2 juillet 2013


100,040+ And counting!

T. P.
Houston, TX
July 02, 2013
Signature # 100,000

Thanks T.P.

kalel65 | 2 juillet 2013

100,191 2:07 pm et

CalDreamin | 2 juillet 2013

Great job everybody! :-)

RonaldA | 2 juillet 2013

still going >100500

Hans Otto Farstad | 2 juillet 2013

Now 101,100 and rising, fantastic

CalDreamin | 2 juillet 2013

Moved up to the #8 slot of the most popular open petitions. At the rate things are going it will be in the #7 slot later today.

kalel65 | 2 juillet 2013

So this is all great but what difference will it make in terms of legislation?

MCGRATH | 2 juillet 2013

kalel65: Go to the new Thread started by riceguy ...
"100,000 Signatures reached on White House Petition".

kalel65 | 2 juillet 2013


I just did but don't see an answer - am I missing something?

sandman | 2 juillet 2013

shocking! nice job getting the word out everyone

Jamon | 2 juillet 2013

Congrats!! I love this community!!
@bigez way to go. That's so cool to be #100,000!

Now keep counting. Get to #1 petition all time!!!

MCGRATH | 2 juillet 2013

New Thread Started:
"100,000 Signatures reached on White House Petition".
kale65: Ask your question on that thread.

Bryan M. | 2 juillet 2013

For those concerned I don't believe the petition will garner new legislation, however maybe it can be the start of a wake up call for the dealer associations to back off and let Tesla determine its own future. The petition is great publicity for Tesla as well and brings attention to a growing company.

MCGRATH | 2 juillet 2013

This Thread Closed:
You comment is an important contribution. I hope you don’t mind if I copy this onto the other Thread so it can be read by other's as concerned as yourself.
"100,000 Signatures Reached on White House Petition".

RonaldA | 3 juillet 2013

> 106k keep going the more the better

justineet | 3 juillet 2013

Wow.....approaching was only about 100K this
it's close to 127K....about 25k today alone!! If this keeps up it will be about 200k by the deadline!!!

AlMc | 3 juillet 2013

I saw 108K recently (11:30 pm EST)?

justineet | 3 juillet 2013

Sorry I clicked on the wrong petition :))))

Brian H | 4 juillet 2013

109,448 @ 3:28 pm PDT

skymaster | 5 juillet 2013


Brian H | 8 juillet 2013

111,553 @ 2:50 pm PDT

Bighorn | 23 juillet 2013

Poised to break into top 5 in the next week. The only other domestic issue in the top 5 is Edward Snowden.

AmpedRealtor | 23 juillet 2013

So... when do we get a response?

RonaldA | 23 juillet 2013

Response is in see seperate post

shamrockceo | 23 juillet 2013

@RonaldA What do you mean? The response is in, where? I don't see a response on the petition:

Jamon | 23 juillet 2013

RonaldA - I read through your post earlier (it seems to have disappeared). That looked like an email response to you from the White House - not an official response to the petition. It didn't mention a word about tesla, model S, or dealerships. Just looked like a canned response on the administration's environmental policy.

CalDreamin | 23 juillet 2013

I don't see a WH response yet, using the search term Tesla

gera | 17 octobre 2013

Did they ever respond to this?

AmpedRealtor | 17 octobre 2013

Yah, has anyone heard of the White House responding to this? Not like they haven't had other things to worry about, but still... we made the effort, now it's the White House's turn!

Jamon | 17 octobre 2013

No response yet. The White House must respond because we surpassed 100,000 signatures, but there doesn't seem to be any strict timeline on how soon they must respond.

From the White House FAQ section:

"How long will it take for the White House to respond?
We will do our best to respond to petitions that cross the signature threshold in a timely fashion, however, depending on the topic and the overall volume of petitions from We the People, responses may be delayed."

stevenmaifert | 17 octobre 2013

What sort of miracle was anyone expecting from the White House? I suppose the FTC could cobble together some new regulation, but the real power to regulate interstate commerce resides with a dis-functional Congress that's too busy demonizing each other these days. I'm hoping for the best, but I suspect this was an exercise in futility.

jeffsstuff | 17 octobre 2013

Have no fear about Congress. After all, the American public have seen just how dysfunctional they are. Moreover, they have seen who did why and why. With any luck, things will improve after this November or, certainly, by next November.

RedShift | 17 octobre 2013

Jerrymandered districts, untraceable contributions will put that theory to rest. Sorry Jeffstuff, we are way too broken to fix in one election cycle.

We need fundamental change in our functioning. Not easy, and not gonna happen fast.

Ultimately, as Americans have always done, good change will be brought forth. (Silver lining in this cloud)

carolinagobo | 17 octobre 2013

Tea Party back to 1800's