Photographed in the wild...

Photographed in the wild...

Had a strange situation occur last night while sitting in the Model S with my daughter at a Starbucks. A guy in an older SUV pulled up near where we were parked, rolled down his window and started taking pictures of the car...while we were in it. He then pulled forward a bit and took more pictures until he got around back and finished up. I found it very strange and a bit odd that he didn't just walk up and strike up a conversation. I'm sure others have had weird encounters with the general share.

AmpedRealtor | 20 juin 2013

Did you smile? :)

NICE | 20 juin 2013

Normally they are a little more discrete. Yes, it happens all the time. People turning to look, telling their friends to quickly turn too. People pulling out their cellphones to snap pictures.
Its a head turner thus rightfully named a MODEL.

I've only seen one other MS in the wild before getting my own. And yes, I also snapped pictures of it :) You never know when you'll see another one.

ORWA | 20 juin 2013

Both my daughter and I are on the shy our preference would have been to have dark tinted windows in which to hide behind. My sociable wife said next time roll down the window and say "Hi". I guess that would be an option too...cheaper than a tint job.

Eletrek | 20 juin 2013

Happens several times a week. Most common is taking a picture from behind at a stoplight or sitting in traffic and 2nd most common is on the weekends when they usually take a video in addition to pictures on the expressway. I just smile and give them a thumbs-up. :-)

Brian H | 20 juin 2013

Seems there's a certain loss of privacy involved in MS-ownership! Fame hath its penalties, I guess.

Now that mobiles have cameras and video built in, you're exposed to being "shot" anywhere, anytime, these days. What's socially acceptable is still evolving. Maybe we'll just have to get used to it!

TFMethane | 20 juin 2013

I live in socal, and I see about one a week. I always wave. When they don't wave back, I feel like Larry David when he chased down the other Prius owner for not waving back.

Jackie425 | 21 juin 2013

It will be interesting to see if the same thing happens here in Europe. Can't wait to find out.

xradr | 21 juin 2013

Funny, this stuff lasted about 6 months for me. In SF Bay area, seems like the car has become quite a bit more common place. people still smile, look, point, etc. but not many pics anymore, a lot less gawking, etc. I see a few MS every day (typically 5+ daily) while driving. There are 5 MS owners who park in same garage as my wife daily. Hopefully it's just the beginning of a tidal wave and change to EVs (and daily use of the car).

gasnomo | 21 juin 2013

Still happens daily to me...usually at stoplights, I can see the car behind me taking a pic....maybe its the combo of the car and vanity plate...

TFMethane | 21 juin 2013

What does your plate say? I was thinking of getting "Holy S"

pete2212 | 21 juin 2013

I was at the Delaware super charger over the weekend, a guy in his 60s came up to me fairly circumspect, asked if he could take some pictures of 'me'. I've seen plenty of folks taking pictures, but felt like an awkward choice of phrasing, especially with a particularly nice looking grey model s sans driver parked a few yards away.

MarkV | 21 juin 2013

My favorite photo event was the pedestrians that stopped in the crosswalk started pointing fingers at my car, jabbering away and then taking pictures all the while holding up traffic. The car continues to draw attention where ever I go. One just needs to get used to it. A very old (as in 5 years or so) forum note from a Roadster owner was that when planning any trip one needs to add in TESLA TIME which is the time one spends showing and or talking about the car to total strangers in the parking lot. They have questions and you want to answer them so just enjoy being a forward thinking leader.