Plant tour with test drive?

Plant tour with test drive?

Any chance they will offer tours of the manufacturing facility in Fremont during that first weekend of test drives? That might be worth flying out for -


Brian H | 5 juin 2012

By invitation only. No gate-crashers allowed.

Mark K | 6 juin 2012

They may have limited capacity on that first plant tour / test drive, but I think TM should run this for all it's worth.

A game-changing car, made in California, right in the cradle of the World's most dynamic technology foundry ... this moment and this venue are the dream scenario for emotionally pregnant, fantastic PR.

This is simply too good for TM not to milk several times.

I think TM should schedule multiple factory test drives, maybe monthly, so they can connect with as many enthusiastic customers as possible.

I'd pop for the trip from LA just to feel more connected with what I think will go down as an historic moment in the industry, and in our society.

Babyrocket | 6 juin 2012

I understand it's by invitation only, I'm a reservation holder. Just wondering if plant tours will be offered at the same time, which could justify a cross-country trip rather than waiting for my closest test drive in Washington DC (still a flight away from me in NC).

foto | 6 juin 2012

+1 babyrocket

Crow | 6 juin 2012

I would welcome a plant tour but only if the line is running. I saw it last October. I will likely catch a quick flight for a test drive since my 30 day signing period will be expired prior to a test drive otherwise.

murraypetera | 7 juin 2012

It would be very cool if they would do like VW does

Let you watch your car being built

BYT | 12 juin 2012

"Get on the Test Drive Wait List
If you're interested in test driving Model S but don't have a reservation yet, sign up for the Test Drive Wait List. We'll contact you when we begin providing test drives to the public.

You are now on the wait list."

I just signed up for it here:

BYT | 12 juin 2012

I was impatient and didn't read, it's for non-reservations, but ah, it can't hurt! I'll give my non-reservation list to a family member for them to drool over... :D