Question on Features

Question on Features

Since I do not see a Model X video on your site, I would like to know a few things:
1) Is the rear door a push-button door? Reason for asking is that my wife is short & large station wagon/SUV rear doors are often too high to reach and too heavy to pull-down. Please describe this door.
2) Is the rear of the Model X safe for a dog? Does the rear window come with an automatic window screen/sun shade?
3) Are the seats adjustable for smaller people and the cabin comfortable enough without the car seeming like a truck to drive?

Gzr | 20 avril 2015

Yes to all of your questions.
1) The rear door has a push button strip that is suitable for all sizes.
2) The rear is dog safe as long as the dog is shorter than the car. It also has a dog safe screen that has flea and tick repellent.
3) The seats are adjustable for large and small people(as long as they are not too large or small) and it is very comfortable to drive either as a car or a truck.

I hope this has answered your questions. We can all now await the release of the Model X and see how close we came;)

ken | 20 avril 2015

@mjnilsson10, what Gzr really means is that none of us have any idea of the final features and won't until the release or at least the MX design studio is opened. Only the Tesla insiders know the answers to your questions and they are not talking. A lot of us think that May will be the month that the design studio is opened but no one is sure. Good luck and if you find these answers please let us know. Since many of us have been waiting for 18 months or more for these answers, we are a bit short tempered when these type of questions are asked. Don't be discouraged, the answers will be available in a few weeks, we hope. | 20 avril 2015

@mj...: you can probably make some estimates about X features by looking at the S. The hatchback on the S is controlled by a) touchscreen in dash, 2) key fob--2 clicks and 3) push button on underside edge of the hatchback cover itself. The height that the hatchback opens is programmable by the owner.

Your second question needs amplification. What does safe for a dog mean? The rear window probably won't have a sunscreen. The glass will probably be tinted and have a UV filter.

Your third question can be answered again taking clues from the S. The X will be built on the S frame. Same distance from ground to floor. Therefore, go to a showroom and have your wife get in and out of an S. The front seats will probably be the same as the S. Try them out. The X will be taller than the S and therefore easier for tall people to enter and exit.

Anyway, if you haven't made a reservation yet because yet have reservations you can rest assured that you will have more than a year to answer these questions before you will be able to order an X. You may shorten the interval by making a reservation now to get in line. It only costs $5000 and that is refundable.

While you are contemplating this information, take a gander at the Model X prototype reveal: | 20 avril 2015

That should be "you have reservations..."

Brian H | 20 avril 2015

As you may have gathered, this is not an official Tesla answer site. Owners and enthusiasts, making guesses.

pvetesla | 21 avril 2015


Your answer to question #3 was classic. Thanks for the laugh.

Brian H | 22 avril 2015

Don't even want to think about a dog larger than the car ... /:-(