Questions about Superchargers.

Questions about Superchargers.

Questions about Superchargers.

Are there any plans to build Superchargers in Europe?
If yes then, when we should expect the 1st ones to be opened
and at what location?

Are Superchargers available for license to other carmakers?
For example Toyota sells the RAV4 EV.
Is it possible in the future that Toyota will make a deal with Tesla
and modify the RAV4 EV so that it can be recharged with Tesla's Superchargers?
or any other carmakers create brand new EVs that with a deal with Tesla
their EVs will be able to be recharged with Tesla's Superchargers?

Thanks in advance for any info,


negarholger | 13 août 2013

in Norway confirmed

no requests to license, but Elon said open to it. Current non Tesla EVs have no use for SC - range to small to go from SC to SC.

Brian H | 13 août 2013

The RAV is available only in California, so far.
TM will make the SCs available to any company that wants to pay for the privilege.

Vawlkus | 14 août 2013

@Brian: and builds a car that can handle that much power.

Brian H | 14 août 2013

I think the plug compatibility is the main issue; the kW delivered could be ramped down to suit the car. But it would have to be able to take some elevated DC feed, and charge times would be longer/kWh the lower it was. However, it is more or less true that the battery capacity would have to be sufficient to reach the next SC for true utility.