Question/Suggestion for campers/trailers

Question/Suggestion for campers/trailers

If I could make a rather far-off suggestion for towing camper/trailers.

Would it be possible to build chassis for campers/trailers that would encorporate the Tesla batteries in the same way as in the cars?

The camper/trailer wheels could be powered and provide assistance in the towing process.

Furthermore, since the camper/trailer floor space would be large, the battery capacity could be large enough to supply the car itself with an extra source of power.

Campers especially would be ideal as they are normally hooked up to an electrical source at a camp site for extended periods of time.

Between the added power to the camper wheels, plus providing a large, external source of power for the car itself, couldn't this mean driving very long distances and maybe heavier payloads?

Maybe employing a sort of mobile Powerwall technology could help here as well.

Just a thought anyway.

Pbfoot | 3 octobre 2015

I would definitely consider buying one.

Tâm | 3 octobre 2015


Sounds reasonable.

Immediate issues:

1) 400 V cables / connections via the hitch

2) cost

aesculus | 3 octobre 2015

Buried deep on the forum there is a full analysis of this concept done a few months ago. Its a good read.

TLDR summary: Did not add up to be very practical, but it was not really targeted at adding a battery to an trailer that was used for another purpose but ...

Red Sage ca us | 3 octobre 2015

It is generally regarded as a universally bad idea.

doubeld | 3 octobre 2015

You wouldn't need 400VDC cables, you would only need computer control to talk to the trailer motors to initiate acceleration/regeneration/braking. You would not want to connect the two together. They would have to be separate battery packs.
I actually think this is one of the better ideas, because the SuperChargers are built for highway driving, and the RV battery would also enable highway driving, reducing the load on the EV. Whether or not enabling the RV's battery pack to be a 110VAC source for the RV's components (Stove, fridge, tv, etc) is another matter, but coming from Tesla, I'd say they wouldn't for the same reasons their cars don't.

Tâm | 3 octobre 2015

Carry more battery means more weight.

I am not sure but there might be a trade off point where the weight of the battery is no longer justify additional power it can supply.

That's why you don't haul their battery around in practice.

eric.zucker | 6 octobre 2015

Mechanically if the trailer pushes the car it's a very instable configuration. The car rear is very prone to swing sideways, this is extremely dangerous.

This is why heavy trailers have brakes on them, so that the inertia of the towed mass doesn't jolt the car off path if you have to brake.