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Quick Question

I thought I'd search for this, but there doesn't seem to be Search function?

Question is and I think the answer is no, but wanted to confirm, can I order the 40 or 60 option now and then in 8 years, when the battery costs are low, swap it out for the larger battery?
I am not finding any battery sizing (physical dimensions) of each battery to see if this is even viable from a size perspective?
If it is just densely packed with greater cells, but the same physical dimensions, i guess it would be theoretically possible, but would the other electronics be fine and would Tesla allow it?

Also, is it likely that with the advances in battery tech=reduction in costs (read somewhere about 8% cheaper every year), that Tesla would drop the prices of battery replacement at say, the 8 year mark from the current $8k replacement cost for 40Kwh (and $10k for 60, $12K for 80) or are these replacement prices already factoring in this 8%?

Thanks in advance,

drp | 17 janvier 2013

Quick answer… No and no. It has been on some other threads but I don't know where they are right now but the consensus is no and no.

Theresa | 17 janvier 2013

The answer is on the bulletin board. And it is NO.

kgdg | 17 janvier 2013

ok thanks, that is what i thought...
Theresa, answer is on the bulletin board, but is there a good way to look it up other than going through each page?
I was hoping to do a search, so I wouldn't have to ask at all, but there doesn't seem to be a search option.

Theresa | 17 janvier 2013

I am not trying to be sarcastic here but there are not that many questions on the bulletin board. And I mean bulletin board not the forum which is where you are currently. The question is posted and then the answer is given on the BB.

nickjhowe | 17 janvier 2013

To avoid any confusion, when we say "bulletin board" we mean the particular sub forum where Tesla posts answers to questions (and you can ask them) and not the general forums or TMC.

There are only 19 questions/answers, so no need for search there (yet).

bsimoes | 17 janvier 2013

Speaking of which, weren't there 25 questions on the bulletin board? What happened/which ones were removed...and why?

Brian H | 17 janvier 2013

Search can be done at , or DIY by including site:www.teslamotors/forum/forums in the search field of any search engine. That "site:..." trick applies to any site you want to search, of course. Just shorten to " " if you want to include all the official pages also.