Rack solutions

Rack solutions

My MS will be here soon and I already bought an ECO hitch for my bike rack. I have never liked roof racks since they are hard to load. It occurred to me that with the S being so wide ... why not mount a cargo box on the bumper hitch? It would be easy to put it in the wind-shadow of the car to eliminate drag .. and would be really easy to load! I measured my ski box and sure enough it would barely extend wider than the wheels (3") and would be less than the overall car width including mirrors. Why not? Should work for the X as well. | 1 février 2015

I'm no aerodynamics expert for sure but I don't think mounting the box in the "wind shadow" of the car will completely eliminate added drag. We've seen some photos of the MS with snow caked on the rear bumper due to air flow under the car and up the back of the bumper. A hitch back there could cause some turbulence with that air flow and add to drag. Any physicists want to take a crack at this?

ian | 1 février 2015

It will most definitely add drag, but it will be less than if it was on the top of the car.

PMadFlyer | 1 février 2015

~85% of vehicle drag is caused by vortices in the flow. Only ~12% is caused by sliding over a surface. The remaining ~3% is caused by flow through vehicle components, such as cooling elements. An item behind the vehicle would vastly increase drag.

Source: Pg 11, section 2.2 Aerodynamic Resistance found in Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis (Fifth Edition) by Fred L. Mannering and Scott S. Washburn

Air flow through and around the wheels are included as rolling resistance. Tire deformation makes up 90% of rolling resistance. Pg. 13

dbh | 3 février 2015

The eco-hitch is awesome, and if there is an effect on range it has not mattered to me with superchargers available on road trips. I carry crazy stuff, no problem. I use the roof racks too, which are pretty nice.

Cargo carrier attachment:

Tstolz | 4 février 2015

Amazing the load you put on that dbh!

I'll try my ski box on the hitch and will report back with data. I get my car in mid March so it will be a while. Having trouble finding a body shop to install the hitch surprisingly ... they think there will be a liability issue.

dbh | 5 février 2015

Where? I had my Ecohitch installed on the SF peninsula (San Carlos, I think) from a shop that had done a dozen or so. I don't think it's impossible to do yourself but I don't think I'd want to. It's really a quality product.

The Whispbar ski racks are actually pretty nice, fwiw - that's my go-to for the skis. Haven't found a hitch ski carrier I like yet, but I use the hitch for cargo tray, a T-Bar support (for hang-gliders) and 2-carrier tray bike rack. All works perfectly.

FelixMendeldog | 8 février 2015

Just remember you must back in to most Superchargers!

ian | 8 février 2015

Which is going to be a huge problem for those of us planning to put a hitch mounted bike rack on our X. Tesla needs to move some of the signs between the Supercharging pedestals so we can back the rack over the curb to get close enough.

I don't know if anyone here saw the threads where someone with a hitch mounted rack blocked 3 charging stalls because that was the only way to get close enough without completely unloading all the bicycles from the rear of the car. Well, I will be doing the same so they'd better make some changes! ;-)

Tstolz | 9 février 2015

I'm in Alberta .. so Tesla's are pretty rare here ... I can't seem find any shop that has done an Eco hitch near Calgary. I'm not too worried as I'm quite handy so I may just do it myself ... I've got a great shop so no excuse really.

I'm thinking with the new Superchargers that just opened up we will see many more Tesla's from here in.

dbh | 9 février 2015

I have been able to back into Superchargers with a Yakima two-bike hitch carrier without trouble. There wasn't a lot of extra margin, but it worked fine. If I need to carry 4 bikes, I put two on the roof and two on the hitch. Not sure about doing it with that cargo box on the back, but I'll never need to so am not worried about that myself.