Reaction to this injustice?

Reaction to this injustice?

We were wine tasting in Napa Valley today. This is electric car friendly country with many charging stations available to the wine consuming public. We were at one of our favorite spots with 2 Tesla chargers in front. They were occupied by ICE's when we arrived. After making management aware they made an announcement for them to move their vehicles. There was an immediate negative reaction from many of the patrons who were unsympathetic and threatend to attack us with corks. What's wrong with this world?

akikiki | 2 août 2015

As Mclary often says, Idiots !!

Mathew98 | 2 août 2015

Drunken idiots!!!

ray | 2 août 2015

Attack with corks - was the Captain Cork?

priustech | 2 août 2015

Wow, what a bunch of buffoons. Idiots exist everywhere. Without having gone through the harassment myself, there is a hilarity to people threatening to throw their corks. Sorry to hear about your experience. Management owes you an apology, even though the issue came from the patrons.

Mathew98 | 2 août 2015

Terminate wine tasting. Commense gasoline tasting instead. Starting with the two bone heads blocking the EV chargers.

hcwhy | 2 août 2015

Unfortunately, Americans seem to be becoming increasingly angry and hostile. Also drivers are sick of seeing more and more parking places reserved for "special" classes of people which tends to mean "anyone but me". While there are often valid reasons for reserving the best parking places for privileged classes of people, when you're just a person, it can be frustrating. Special classes include, among others:

Electric car drivers
Pregnant women
Employee of the month
Hotel guests
Loading zones
government workers
local residents
shoppers at store
pharmacy users
reserved parking for X
shoppers at store x
take away patrons

mjwellman | 2 août 2015

I think "HCWHY" hit it right on the head. People don't like to special groups if it doesn't involve them. The problem is exacerbated by these parking spots are usually place close to entrance of the facility. I saw one case where a big Ford 350 truck parked diagonally taking up two spots in a charging area. One of the grocery stores in my town came up with a great solution. They placed their charging stations in the back of the lot. I've never seen ICE parked in it.

Baribrotzer | 2 août 2015

They probably saw it as smug and arrogant: as superior, self-congratulating, entitled rich businessmen, leading-edge intellectuals, or tech-industry geeks demanding "their" parking spaces. Furthermore, being backed up by management. And peons like them? They weren't even allowed to hang on to a good parking spot.

And I realize that you don't see it that way at all. From your perspective, it's as if you had parked your Model S in front of a gas pump. But a lot of people, particularly ones with a few drinks in them, won't see it that way.

That perception, I think, might be why most businesses, even ones hosting Superchargers, won't do that - won't ask ICEers to move.

Baribrotzer | 2 août 2015

@mjwellman: "I saw one case where a big Ford 350 truck parked diagonally taking up two spots in a charging area."

And he probably saw himself as striking a blow for "real Americans". As opposed to snooty eggheads. Never mind that his monstrosity probably cost as much as your Model S - unlike you, he'd earned it.

emrul | 2 août 2015

Personally, I don't understand why people see SuperChargers as 'parking spaces'. No one stops in a petrol station to 'park' their car; they do so to fill it up. Same with SC spots - owners use them to refill their cars.

Anyone being negative about it should just be told to go try park their ICE car at a nearby gas station and see what happens.

hcwhy | 2 août 2015

@mjwellman ...Makes sense to me. That keeps chargers for charging...not for privileged parking. I've never had the need to charge while shopping....and if I really did NEED to charge, I'd be more than happy to walk a bit further.

barrykmd | 2 août 2015

Agree with mjwellman. Don't put the EV chargers in "desirable" parking areas.

When I visited the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton a few months ago, I noted 4 EV charging spots closer to the entrance than the handicapped spots! There's no good reason for that.

Kimscar | 2 août 2015

@mjwellman Sometimes location is dictated by where the electricity is most easily accessed. Less desirable spots may cost more.

@emrul If the charger location is in a parking lot that looks like and is a parking space. Just for in our case Tesla's People don't park at gas stations and walk to destinations. Completely different.

@sharkfin I hope that at least one of the cars was moved and you were allowed to charge.

gaskicker | 2 août 2015

I'm just happy that the year is not 1789 and I'm not driving my Tesla around the streets of Paris.

Think what would have happened had I made an infelicitous turn onto the Place de la Concorde, and encountered the rabble.

"Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."

tes-s | 2 août 2015

Tesla chargers have long cords. Couldn't you just park in front of those cars and plug in?

Panoz | 2 août 2015

Wow - difficult to say who's at fault the most. Management at the winery certainly did their part in making the announcement, it was the guests that were idjits. Perhaps management could've prevented the problem altogether by putting the proverbial orange cone in front of the charging spots.

omega | 2 août 2015

I think you did the right thing. Complained about it and let management deal with it. Do not attempt to communicate directly with this type of "people" because you just can't.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2 août 2015

It saddens me to read how people care so little for each other's needs.

Toothless2 | 2 août 2015

When gasoline powered automobiles were introduced, Texas ( this is starting to look like a pattern) passed a law that no automobiles could be driven through a town , allegedly to keep from spooking the horses. You are required to park on the outskirts of town and walk in. As is the case with law, once it's on the books it is almost impossible to remove, so yes, today, it is still illegal to drive an internal combustion engine powered vehicle through a Texas town. The law is not enforced.

I say, it is time for Texas justice to grow some balls and start enforcing the law again. Stop ALL ICE cars from entering your town. Put up orange cones on all highways! Only electric cars ( silent, won't spook horses) will be allowed to pass!

Oops, they already passed a law outlawing the sale of electric cars directly to the consumer. I guess this is a good time to get a horse in Texas.

Remnant | 2 août 2015

@ Anthony J. Parisio (August 2, 2015)

<< It saddens me to read how people care so little for each other's needs. >>

Needs? How about RIGHTS?

The Tesla owner has a PROPERTY interest in those visibly profiled spaces, albeit limited to charging their battery for a reasonable amount of time.

If the Tesla vehicle lingers there beyond that time, that Tesla owner becomes an abuser as well, because then they use the space for parking rather than charging.

brad | 2 août 2015

I am convinced that as more and more people get EVs or know someone with one that the ICING issue will slowly but surely dissipate. There is a learning curve for people that haven't thought it through. Improving signage at charging locations is also critical to fend off would be ICERS.

jlocke | 2 août 2015

Simple solution, tow them at owners expense.

Imagine how everyone would react if Tesla's started parking in front of gas stations and went on with there business.

Doesn't matter why they react like that it should be called on the spot and an apology issued. Tesla owners are trying to make a difference in this world and if others can't recognize that don't give them another minute of your attention or business.

Remnant | 2 août 2015

@ GreyGhost1 (August 2, 2015)

<< Maybe they could start by just enforcing the law on black people. >>

This pretense of a joke is as stupid and as offensive as it looks.

carlk | 2 août 2015

This is not very typical though. Many towns in the Bay Area have public EV charging stations I don't usually see them got occupied by ICE. A little too much alcohol and some out of town tourists, yes blame the outsiders, could be the reason of what you have experienced.

WestCoastP85D | 2 août 2015

This is too funny. I should take pictures of the ICE machines parked in the EV dedicated parking spots around San Jose. I mean, how confused/self righteous/angry/selfish/illiterate (pick one) are these people? I have seen Ford Expeditions, F350s, Mustangs, Corvettes... you name it... parked right under "Zero Emission Vehicle Only" signs.

I always laugh and tell my wife that I didn't know that the new Z06 was Electric.....what are those silly faux tail pipes coming out the back?

teslagiddy | 2 août 2015

Simple solution: don't put those EV parking spots in the most desirable location. I routinely park in the most remote spot in the lot (an unexpected side effect of getting a Tesla... getting way more walking exercise). No ICE car is going to park in the back of the lot.

ragtopday | 2 août 2015

Maroons and eyedots

Red Sage ca us | 2 août 2015

I've routinely done 'dingless' parking -- as far away from the entrance as possible -- pretty much everywhere I go. I don't mind walking. It does [PEEVE] passengers, such as children and ex-girlfriends. I don't much care. If I'm transporting someone who is legitimately infirm, handicapped, or elderly, I park closer. Otherwise? Meh.

petero | 2 août 2015

Shark. 2 questions.

First, where were the two charging spaces (close to entrance - prime real estate or a bit out of the away?

Second, after management's announcement, what happened, did they (promptly, reluctantly, refused) move?

I always park in the outer spaces like teslagiddy, unless I am charging. I have an aversion to door ding.

petero | 2 août 2015

Shark. Another approach is to offer a free test drive to one of the blocking ICE cars. Who knows it may save the $1K off the purchase price and you a $1K commission. Plus there is the benefit of removing another ICE.

sbeggs | 2 août 2015


Now that is using your head! | 2 août 2015

I really like how NRG eVgo's stations are built. A large green icon is put down over the asphalt with bright green posts. You really can't miss it. The one in Mountain View, CA is close to the door (but not the closest) and I don't see it ICEd. Mostly used by Leafs and i3s. I haven't ever needed it, but nice to know it's available (J1772, CHAdeMo and even a SAE Combo DC (which we can't use).

Sharkfin | 2 août 2015

Great comments here! I know this is a sore point with many. There are a couple of things I failed to mention. As stated by another post, I was able, with management's assistance, to park behind one of the offenders and begin charging with the long cord. When the perpetrators were leaving I briefly crossed paths with them, they were laughing (morons). I then occupied the spot as management plugged me in while extending apologies. At that moment another MS arrived to take the other now vacated spot. The wrongs were righted allowing us to enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

TomServo | 2 août 2015

Sounds like some good old fashioned "ribbing" to be - throwing wine bottle corks. Folks need to lighten up.

As far as the "icing" is concerned it appears the proprietor handled it. And at the end of the day all was right in the world.

PhillyGal | 2 août 2015

@emrul - Exactly!

There is a big difference between premium parking spaces for EV/Hybrids and actual charging spots. ICEing a charging spot is every bit as, if not more, wrong than parking at a gas pump and walking away. Granted, most gas stations have more than 2 pumps and most places have more gas stations nearby but again, people don't do it because it's wrong to do.

Tropopause | 2 août 2015

Sharkfin, I am assuming these Tesla Spots were HPWC's, not Super Chargers? Some comments here were assuming the latter.

Bighorn | 2 août 2015

Bunch of cork soakers:)

Tropopause | 2 août 2015

One problem with a situation like this is that I'd be leery of parking my MS at this establishment after stirring the masses. I'd rather they throw corks at me than to take out their aggressions on my vehicle.

T34Bravo | 2 août 2015

@TomServo - thx for injecting some sanity to this thread. 'Injustice' is hardly the word I would think of if some threatened to throw a cork at me! Lighten up a bit. Geez.

SCCRENDO | 2 août 2015

Majority of people understand the need for charging but there are definitely people with attitudes. Particularly those who do not understand climate change and the need for EV 'privledge'. I am part of a medical group where parking is at a premium. Us physicians have assigned parking spots that are a few blocks away. When I got my Tesla I asked my group to put in a J1772. Not that I need the charge but I thought it would be EV friendly and progressive to have a few spots open to staff and patients. Our group was not willing to do it but eventually as part of an incentive to move my office put in a Nema 14-50 outlet specifically for me. This is in a spot close to the entrance and although tight 2 vehicles used to previously park there. They restriped it for my car with only one spot and put up a sign that stated private parking, violators to be towed at own expense. Initially every 2 nd day one of my colleagues iced the spot. Once one of the physicians parked to one side leaving a tight squeeze on the charging side to fit in. It seemed to be obvious sour grapes. I did not deal directly with my colleagues but called the administrators who got them to move although sometimes it took a few hours. They changed the signage that the parking is for me and I haven't had any recent issues. Bottom line I think it's a point of education. We need to be aggressive about enforcing our rights. But don't deal directly with the violator. Get an intermediary to deal with them.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2 août 2015

I feel your pain.

Hot day and shade would have been great. BUT I think this problem was actually created by a Tesla owner. When I asked the ATV driver why he parked there he said because there was a garbage can in front of the stall so he assumed it was out of commission. I was not there when the car next to the ATV left but I did run into them at the next charger at Primm, NV. Very nice people who said the garbage can was in the middle of the 4th shaded stall when they arrived and they assumed the charger was out of service also.

I am pretty sure at some point a self important Tesla owner put the garbage can in the stall so they would not have to share a charger. Then as self important people tend to do they did not bother to move the can when they were finished hogging half the shaded stalls. Hard to be upset with the ATV driver when a Tesla driver blocked the stall for their own selfish self interest.

NOTE TO TESLA: When you only solar shade cover half the stalls wire them so one charger is shaded and one is unshaded. | 2 août 2015

@Sharkfin: Maybe the nasty people at the winery were from Sonoma. :-))

You catch more flies with honey. Perhaps the winery could have made an announcement to the effect: would the owner of a black whatever, license number xyz please come to the register in the tasting area. Then, one on one you might discuss your need to recharge and wonder if they would allow you to do that by draping a cord over their car or perhaps by moving a little bit to give you access to the outlet.

proven | 2 août 2015

Until electric cars are more common I think putting chargers at the back of the parking lot makes more sense. Of course for a smaller business it might be cheaper for them to run electrical to the closest spots.

I've been surprised near me as there are a few EV chargers in a local shopping center and the spots are rarely ICE'd... even when the place is packed and it's hard to find a parking space. Usually it's a Volt or Leaf parked in there which I don't mind since they need the power more than I do.

Sharkfin | 2 août 2015

Recognize some tongue in cheek here, this is a 1st world problem,
@ Tropopause
Yes, HPWC's
The management of this and similar establishments are proud to provide this convenience for Tesla owners. We are the very customer base they want to attract and keep as repeat business. And they are doing the right thing IMO. Here in No. Ca we are seeing this at places of work where alternative fuel vehicles get preferences. This is all good.

keydiver | 2 août 2015

" Perhaps the winery could have made an announcement to the effect: would the owner of a black whatever, license number xyz please come to the register in the tasting area."

Now there's something I need to remember if I'm ever in that situation. There's no reason to publicly make it an EV vs ICE issue, just have the person with that license plate paged to come to the customer service window, manager's office, etc.

hcwhy | 2 août 2015

This story gives a new definition for the word "corked".

teslamonterey | 2 août 2015

This is a B.S. post. Are we really to believe that you were attacked by corks! Not in The Wine Country. Why didn't you knock the **** out of them?

cquail | 2 août 2015

Best practice is to put the EV charging spots well away from the front door. Also block EV charging stalls with orange traffic cones. Also clearly paint the EV spots with an EV charging logo and a sign in front of the EV spot.

overthewoods | 3 août 2015

Saw an F250 diesel in an EV charging space at the local Target store, with engine running, locked, and no one in the truck. I was in the iMiEV running errands and didn't need to charge, so I parked in a non-charging spot nearby. Did my shopping, and on my return to the car I noticed the same truck still in the space with engine still running. So we got the resource over-consumption and air pollution as insults. I guess he really showed us EV drivers who's the man!

TomServo | 3 août 2015

proven | August 2, 2015
Usually it's a Volt or Leaf parked in there which I don't mind since they need the power more than I do.

Correction, the Volt doesn't need to charge away from home as it has a built-in gas generator. That's why I NEVER attempt to publically charge my Volt, I don't NEED it and there are other that really do. I try and be a good EV ambassador, and I hope other Volt owners do likewise.