Recommendation For a Electrician In Houston

Recommendation For a Electrician In Houston

Hello All
Will be getting my car this month end. Bought a high power charger with the car. I do have a 220 V out let in the garage but it is in the wrong wall. Bought in Mr.Electric guy today to get estimate to run a conduit and bring the outlet about 60feet away from the breaker board. Estimate given was 3K. I felt is is outrageous. Any other guys can do this job?. Any help appreciated.

sk1656 | 14 mai 2013

The answer is clear. Choose SolarCity. Elon Musk started it.

Keith72 | 14 mai 2013

I got mine done in League City for less than $1000, but that was just for a 50 amp circuit. I used a local contractor.
When you say high power charger, are you talking about the HPWC? That requires a 100 amp circuit to take advantage of the full capabilities of the HPWC. Most likely the wiring for your existing 220 V circuit won't handle 100 amps (or even the 80 amp nominal draw). Plus many homes only have 150 or 200 amp service. If you only have a 150 amp service, you may need another panel. In any event, while 3K sounds high, it's difficult to say if that's too high without knowing what needs to be done. If you check the Texas/Houston forum, you'll find additional electricians. You can also try the Tesla Motors Club forums, again searching on Texas and Houston. I believe they also list some electricians.
I assume you're also getting twin chargers, as the HPWC won't reach full capability with a single charger.

riceuguy | 14 mai 2013

Post/read here ( and you'll get lots of good suggestions!