Recovery after complete shut down

Recovery after complete shut down

How does Tesla S recover from a complete shut down?

Apparently Tesla S loses approx. 14 miles of driving range when left unplugged.

The reason as explained at the forums here is that Tesla eliminated the "off" button for on-board computers because of multiple problems when awaking the computers. Allegedly Tesla is planning on fixing the problems and re-introducing the "off" button in the future.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering what would happen if Tesla is left unattended in a garage for say 20 days. If the fully charged range is say 200 miles and it loses 14 miles of it per day, than after 15 days there will be no juice left in the batteries and Tesla will shut down.

Now mind that this is hard shut down, what your mamma told you never to do to your computer. It is equivalent to pulling the power cord while the computer is working. If Tesla engineers can not manage a controlled shut down (with the "off" button) what about uncontrolled shut down due to exhausted battery. It is true, that as many UPS systems do, the battery may "announce" that it is going to die so that the computer shuts down in a controlled way, however we don't know if this is the case with Tesla.

Since there is no literature about all this, I'm asking current owners if they please to share their experience after complete shut down either on the road or after prolonged storage unplugged.

Brian H | 1 mai 2013

It is not equivalent to pulling the power cord. There is more capacity beyond "0 miles", and it is managed fairly gracefully, though you might need to "jump" the 12V to re-enable charging, etc. The car goes into deep battery protection sleep mode.

Brian H | 1 mai 2013

P.S. When 'sleep' option returns, you will lose 2 mi/day, not 14, and 20 days would be no problem.

DouglasR | 2 mai 2013

It wasn't the "off" button that TM eliminated (that's still there). It was sleep mode, a mode with very little energy drain. Also, the drain is not linear. Long before complete energy depletion, the car will go into a protective mode that can last many months. As Brian says, you may need help waking the car, but the battery will be fine. That is why Elon recently announced that the battery warranty covers damage even if it is caused by user negligence.

Neech | 2 mai 2013

Where is the off button? I just get out of the car and it is shutting off (or I think it is).

risquared | 2 mai 2013

Well I'm not an owner yet, just future owner, so please excuse the inaccurate use of the terms, but I meant "sleep mode" when mentioning "off" button. I'm glad that you've guessed it right.

riceuguy | 2 mai 2013

@Neech, the "off" is under controls, but it's only really useful for sitting in the car without using much energy.

Neech | 2 mai 2013

@riceguy. Thanks for clearing this up. I still have to pause before getting out of the S because I keep looking for a key or something to turn it off :)

DouglasR | 2 mai 2013

@Neech - riceuguy is right: the button doesn't do much. If you are sitting in the car and turn it to "off," it comes back on again if you just move your butt.

Bob W | 4 mai 2013

I touch CONTROLS > E-BRAKE & POWER OFF > POWER OFF every time I exit the vehicle. It saves a little energy as it immediately turns off everything it can turn off.

But the main reason I power off is to lock the steering wheel in place so that I can use it to as a handle to pull myself out of the driver's seat without twisting the tires. Too bad placing the car into Park doesn't do the same thing.

POWER OFF is also the only way to clean fingerprints off of the screen without changing something (one must use a thick cloth though, otherwise the screen powers back up whenever your finger gets too close to it).

Brian H | 5 mai 2013

4 layer microfibre seems to allow touchscreen cleaning without "stimulating" it.

defmonk | 5 mai 2013

Brian H

OCO, strikes again with unfounded ownership advice. Isn't some grammar going uncorrected somewhere?

Brian H | 5 mai 2013

Various users have suggested this, here and on TMC. Sod off. Again.

defmonk | 6 mai 2013

Brian H

Why not say that then? Why continue to misrepresent the "information" you post as your own experience? It's very misleading. You've posted almost 800 times and never qualify any of your advice and opinions. If your just regurgitating what you've read on the forums, then say so.

Carefree | 6 mai 2013

What is your problem, defmonk? Yes, Brian is not an owner but he is more knowledgeable about the car than most people, owners included. Brian is also right that you can use a Microfiber cloth and fold it over twice to securely clean the touchscreen.

I would understand your attacks if Brian was wrong most of the time but he is not.

elguapo | 6 mai 2013

@defmonk Brian H reads and understand these threads better than 90% of owners and most people find his knowledge helpful. There's no requirement for people to be owners or reservation holders to contribute - it is a community for enthusiasts. If you don't like a post or a person, ignore and move on, unwarranted attacks on fellow members aren't helpful.

J.T. | 6 mai 2013

@defmonk And it's you're not your. So there! (Got your grammatical back, Brian H).

Brian H | 6 mai 2013

Thx, guys. I try to fess up whenever I err.

Mel. | 6 mai 2013

Defmonk, when did you get your Tesla? What did you order? How is it working out for you?

mdtaylor69 | 6 mai 2013

@Bob W, I used to power off this way then had to have my 12V battery replaced and the service manager said I should not power off with that button. I had exited the car during the first few days of ownership and it started to creep away, so I wanted to be a extra sure it was powered off.

kback | 6 mai 2013


Why are you going after Brian H like that? I've found his posts to be accurate and helpful. I initially found the grammar corrections to be annoying, but I've come to appreciate and enjoy them. He's consistently been a diligent and informative contributor to this forum. We should not be discouraging people from sharing their knowledge here, and I personally don't care where he gets his knowledge, as long as it's correct. In my experience, Brian H is nearly always right. Can we try to keep it civil and just enjoy sharing and learning about this awesome car?

olanmills | 6 mai 2013


Vawlkus | 8 mai 2013

@defmonk: Brian is helpful, you are not. Flagging any further posts.

hamzehla | 16 avril 2016

for the screen, you have clean mode on the display, so you can clean your screen.