Releasing door handles while sitting in the car

Releasing door handles while sitting in the car

I noticed that at least with cars having the tech package, that is that the door handles do not extend if the driver is sitting in the car (and presumably waiting for someone). The only way that I have found to have the handles extend is for the driver to step out of the car and essentially re-start the sequence. Does anyone know of a way to extend the door handles while sitting in the car.

TheAustin | 4 janvier 2013

What if you press on the key fob?

mike_f | 4 janvier 2013

TheAustin: Tried it...handles do not extend if you are sitting in the car. Seems like its a security feature of some sort. But annoying if you are waiting for someone. Not sure if this is an intended feature or a glitch.

GoTeslaChicago | 4 janvier 2013

Go to controls on touchscreen. Hit unlock on image of car. (Lower left)

Alex K | 4 janvier 2013

I won't have my car for a few days, but how about using the unlock screen?

Schlermie | 4 janvier 2013

I haven't tried this, but I'm told you just need to push the Park button.

Oliver in Seattle | 4 janvier 2013

Yep, just put the car in park and the handles present themselves

adurstewitz | 4 janvier 2013

Can't they just push the handle when they walk up to the car?

Oliver in Seattle | 4 janvier 2013

If you have drive away lock activated, it doesn't unlock until you put it in park

TheAustin | 4 janvier 2013

Semi-hijack, but how do I leave my car on for passengers if I have to jump out of the car? Even if I leave the key fob in the car, the music turns off, as does the air.

mike_f | 4 janvier 2013

I tried various combinations:

(0) I sat in car as if I was waiting for a passenger. All four handles were recessed. While sitting in car:

1. Pressed unlock on display. ONLY Driver side rear door opened, all four handles extended. Opened my door as if to greet, and the car alarm goes off. Pressed key fob twice to stop alarm. I had to manually close the door else every time I opened my door, the alarm went off.

back to (0)

2. Pressed key fob. Handles extended. Rear door did not open. Same result as (1) when I attempted to leave car.

Anyone have a suggestion?

GoTeslaChicago | 4 janvier 2013

"Semi-hijack, but how do I leave my car on for passengers if I have to jump out of the car? Even if I leave the key fob in the car, the music turns off, as does the air."

I don't know the answer, but it an important issue, all the more so on very hot or cold days!

Brant | 4 janvier 2013

I did this today. I was waiting in my car for a friend. I just touched the "unlock" button over the image of the passenger door. It worked fine for me.

mike_f | 4 janvier 2013

Brant: it worked fine for me as well. Just do not try to get out of the car.

PS. Has anyone ever been in the car while a software update is ongoing. It is quite an experience.

rwang | 5 janvier 2013

Unlock works fine for me.
Opening the door also works
Key fob also works

gopassgas | 8 janvier 2013

I do this often when I am performing valet service for my wife (dropping her off and picking her up from grocery stores, target, any number of other places where I'd rather not park). I have found that it is inconsistent if she tries to press on the passenger side front door handle...sometimes it just doesn't extend. And of course, rear passenger side door handles on both sides don't work either.

After a certain amount of waiting, the handles retract. The only tried and true method I have found is to put the car in DRIVE and then immediately to PARK. That will make all the handles extend in unison! It looks cooler than just a single handle extending IMHO. As soon as you put the car back in DRIVE, all the handles will also retract in unison.

olanmills | 8 janvier 2013

On the first day that I owned the car, I had multiple instances where I had to wait for someone and then give them a ride.

I just used the Controls screen and pressed the Unlock button when I saw them approaching. It worked fine.

I don't think it was confusing or anything either. I didn't have to think about it ahead of time or plan it out or anything. I realized that's what I should do only right when my friend was approaching the car.

jat | 8 janvier 2013

I just put it in park and it presents the handles.

Personally, I am not really feeling it for the door locks. I walk away and have to look back to see if it locks, and in one case I couldn't get it to for several tries, even using the key fob. I don't know if I wasn't far enough away or what, but I would definitely like it to lock more quickly and obviously -- if I put the car in park, when I close the door lock it right then.

There probably should be an explicit setting in the controls page to leave the car in "accessories" mode in park, even without the key present.

one2mark | 9 janvier 2013,

Try adjusting the settings for locking and unlocking the doors, such as child safety locks, drive away locking etc. Find the right combination that works. For me I have drive away locks, auto lock feature after I park but I do not have the child safety locks engaged. I put the car in park when I need to present the handles to pick up my wife or children.

Hope those suggestions work for you.