Reno to San Jose and back

Reno to San Jose and back

I live in Reno, where I do see a Model S every now and then. But I travel to San Jose frequently-- probably once a month on average-- and am wondering if the Folsom supercharger makes this a viable trip for an 85kw Model S.

I don't think Reno to San Jose would be a problem. It's mostly downhill and my house to the Folsom supercharger is only 135 miles, and from the supercharger to my condo in San Jose is about 145 miles.

Going the other way, though, involves going from pretty much sea level (Folsom) to 5,000 feet about (Reno).

So I'm wondering if anyone who already owns a Model S has actually made this trip...

dortor | 2 juillet 2013

This is very similar to the Santa Cruz to Truckee thread posted today. It's fairly clear you can get to Reno from Folsom - what's less clear is Folsom to San Jose back to Folsom - we'd need to understand your lay over situation in San Jose and figure out a charging plan.

motesla | 2 juillet 2013

The distance to Folsom from central SJ is about 145 miles, as indicated above its the turn around charge in SJ that might be a problem.

Couple of options:
1) Drive another 29 miles and range charge at Gilroy SC. Faster, but out of the way. Total distance from Gilroy to Folsom is 171 miles, should make that, even driving normally.
2) If you have double chargers on board, charge at the Santana Row showroom. Takes longer, but more closely located to SJ.

negarholger | 2 juillet 2013

To repeat what others said... Not clear is your charging plan in San Jose
- in the city center are many public chargers
- in case you are running low Davis is a good place to add some miles

Dramsey | 2 juillet 2013

I'd probably install a charger in the condo garage I have. Potential problem: the garages are separate from the living units and may not be wired for 240V...I understand with a 240V line, I can get 31 miles of range per hour of charge, but what's the rate for a 120V circuit if that's all I have?

I see Davis has public charging stations, but what kind of amperage can they supply?

TeslaLandShark | 2 juillet 2013

The 120v charge is kinda useless. I tried it one day just to see and I only got 3 miles charge in an hour. Fortunately I got a 240 50amp installed prior to taking delivery in March and it typically puts in about 29 miles of range in an hour.

TeslaLandShark | 2 juillet 2013

Whoops, its actually 40 amps not 50.

negarholger | 2 juillet 2013

120 V - you get 3 miles per hour... not good, but much better then to get minus miles with not plugged in at all.
Davis has a 70 A station, but you probably need the roadster adapter. But the are many 32 A J1772. Check out also the Tesla highway on google maps ( google Tesla highway ).

create | 2 juillet 2013

@shark you where correct the first time. It is 50. You (Tesla) lower it 20% for extended use which is why you only charge at 40amps.

TeslaLandShark | 2 juillet 2013

@create, thanks for the correction, I thought it was 50 when i got it installed but I always see 40 amps on the display screen. Why exactly does Tesla lower it, is it to protect the battery over time or is it that the single charger can only take 40 amps?

ichong | 2 juillet 2013

I drove my S85 from the Bay Area (peninsula) to Reno in May and kept the trip statistics.

From the Folsom SC to Reno (Grand Sierra RV Park):
Distance: 130.3 mi
Total Energy: 49.2 kWh
Avg Energy: 378 Wh/mi

Starting Rated Range: 266 mi (topped off in Folsom SC)
Ending Rated Range: 88 mi

This leg involves the steep climb up over the summit (Donner Pass) to get to Reno - I drove in the passing lane and stayed with the flow of traffic in that lane(we passed a lot of trucks in the slow lane). The key point is that I didn't have to hold back on the accelerator. Even with the high consumption of Wh/mi, the 85 kWh battery has plenty of juice to get from Folsom to Reno.

ichong | 2 juillet 2013

One more thing. Going from Reno to the Bay Area, I am really tempted to skip the Folsom SC and go straight to the peninsula. I may have to drive conservatively to preserve range. However, it saves approx 20 miles not to have to go to Folsom and the ride down the mountain actually adds range with regen on. Depending on where you are going in the Bay Area, this might not work, but if you can do it, you not only save the extra distance of going out of the way to get to Folsom, but you save about 90 minutes on the trip.

Brian H | 2 juillet 2013

A circuit is nominally rated at peak spike load, but for more than a few minutes steady draw is limited to 80% of that, protecting the wiring etc. The Tesla circuitry 'knows' and adjusts for this.

Dramsey | 2 juillet 2013

ichong, that's exactly the kind of info I need.

The San Jose condo is right at the border of San Jose and Los Gatos. It's 271 miles door-to-door. It might be possible to make it, but the car probably wouldn't have much if any range left.

ichong | 3 juillet 2013

@Dramsey - another takeaway from my trip from the Bay Area to Reno was that I kept getting tire pressure warnings. I called Tesla customer support and the service agent suggested that this might be due to the rapid change in altitude. Over time, the pressure would equalize and the warning would go away. Of course, it is always best to check your tire pressure when the warning sensor sends an alert to your console. However, in my case, when driving from Folsom to Reno, there was a very rapid change in both altitude and temperature so that seemed to trigger the warning sensor.