Replaceable Batteries

Replaceable Batteries

Hi Everybody;

This seems such an obvious solution to the range/ recharge problem, I don't know why it isn't already being I just not seeing something?

Just design the car frame around a removeable battery cartridge slot. This is exactly how aircraft avionics black boxes work. You just release the front handle, and slide the box out. Slide the replacement box back in along the guide rails, until it latches into the standard rear connectors, and close the front latches. It takes all of 30 seconds. The mechanical details are all built to an ARINC standard, so it will be compatible with anybody's equipment.

Applied to automobiles, every battery manufacturer will build the same physical battery package. They will become just a commodity. When someone pulls into a recharge station, (existing gas stations will be more than happy to take on this role without us having to pay them), he just uses the mechanical assist arm to remove the old battery, and slide in a new, fully charged battery. Since he's returning a functioning battery to the station, he won't be paying for the battery. The "pump" will check the charge remaining. The cost will just be the energy needed to recharge that battery to full, so it can be issued to the next driver. The station can recharge the battery at their leisure; who cares how long that will take. The driver will be in and out in the same time as filling a gas tank. The cost of the battery and the recharge time become irrelevant.

If a car manufacturer wants to take the lead on this, I vote for Tesla. Any thoughts on this?


kilimats | 30 mai 2013

topic has been covered many times already, do a little digging

ratbot | 30 mai 2013

jeez, what an a**hole...I won't be back here again.

Brian H | 30 mai 2013

The "rails" are interesting; but you can search the forum using to get up to speed on the discussions of swaps to date.