Run flat tires?

Run flat tires?

I was surprised to discover that my MS didn't come with a spare. But, I'm getting use to the idea. Truthfully, I've only changed a tire, on the road, once in the last 20 years. But I wish I would have had the option of run flat tires when designing my car. When I need to replace my tires, I'm seriously considering Pirelli run flat tires.

Does anyone else have any experience with run flat tires?

GReese | 23 juin 2013

I had early experience with run-flat tires. It was pretty miserable and we even got a check from some class-action settlement.

Having said that, I've heard things have come a long way since then. All BMWs, as I understand it, ship with them these days.

lolachampcar | 23 juin 2013

I normally take to removing runflats from my previous BMWs (converted now to Tesla, no further need for BMWs). My motivation was cost as runflats are significantly more expensive. They also are heavier and have dramatically stiffer sidewalls (to support the weight of the car without air in the tire).

I've always put a plug kit in the car when the "normal" tires went on and, yes, I've had to use the kit from time to time.

It is probably worth noting that the dramatic increase in stiffness with runflats will accelerate inside shoulder wear. The stiffer the tire, the more load is forced onto the inside shoulder (due to roughly two degrees of negative camber - see threads on tire wear). The up side is that it will also improve the feel of how the car handles. It will react to your inputs quicker and with more precision. However, the heavier tires will change the sprung to unsprung weight ratio thus more road imperfections will get though to the chassis (slight degradation in ride quality).

lolachampcar | 23 juin 2013

oh, it is probably reasonable to think your range might go up with runflats. They are heavier which means you will use more energy to spin them up but this will probably be way outweighed by the stiffer construction reducing rolling resistance. Just a guess on my part here.

carlk | 23 juin 2013

Run flat has it's own shortcomings too. The TPM mandated in new cars is able to prevent air leakage surprises before it's too late to drive safely to service or home. The chance that you'll need a roadside service is probably very small, smaller than if you got into an accident and needed a tow. I don't think there is much to worry about.

AmpedRealtor | 23 juin 2013

What we need is the Tweel Airless Tire!

Mel. | 23 juin 2013

I really like the run flats on my corvette. Lolachampcar was spot on as to the handling. It goes where you point it. Downside , tires make too much noise, especially for a Tesla.