San Jose to LA (LAX aiport)

San Jose to LA (LAX aiport)

we got Model S 85kWh about a month ago. We are thinking of making a trip from San Jose to Los Angeles LAX. If others made this trip using Model S, please share your experience.

dortor | 4 avril 2013

this is no problem - I've made the trip from San Jose to Long Beach twice in the past month. I top off at Gilroy - and then you should be able to avoid Harris or only stop for a bit...

Top off at Tejon Ranch - you'll want extra juice for going up hill…with proper super charger stops you should do the trip very easy - range can vary widely so make sure to give yourself a buffer, and watch the projected range if it's going the wrong way then slow down even 1-3 mph makes a big difference, cruise control is your friend, and don't get too heavy with the accelerator...

the car can do the distance no problem, but be smooth and consistent and use the charging stations and let the car regen on the way down hill you'll pick up miles...

I avoid Harris because of the possible wait for the single charger - so a little longer charge in Gilroy can save a wait at Harris and get you to Tejon where there are at least 4 charging stations

ssr | 4 avril 2013

Thanks a lot. This is very helpful. Another follow up question - how did you handle charging in LA area?

EVTripPlanner | 4 avril 2013

There's a supercharger at the Tesla Design Center (by Space/X) about 5 minutes from LAX.

Tâm | 4 avril 2013

Hi ssr:

For a first trip, I would not advise to skip a Supercharger.

It is well documented that it can be done as in:

Wait in Harris Ranch if you must because having a small buffer left is too risky for my peace of mind.

Please note that, if you skip Harris Ranch and encounter a strong persistent wind against your car, it will quickly deplete your battery and all bets are off!

Brian H | 4 avril 2013

Called Hawthorne, IIRC.

Earl and Nagin ... | 5 avril 2013

Tam is right about the effect of encountering a headwind, however, there are a couple of RV parks right off I-5 between Harris Ranch and Tejon if you do happen to mis-calculate and need a few extra electrons.